Saturday, December 13, 2014

Forced Feminization Holiday Collection

I really wanted to get a holiday collection of some of my stories out.   I don't know how much interest it will have for those of you who visit here as I imagine that you probably have at least a couple of the stories in this volume.  However, if you don't have any or even if you already have one I think it's a pretty good offer.

This eBook contains the following stories:

Halloween Humiliation
The Mask of the Jaguar
The Operator

I'm charging $6.99, which is a nice little price break from the $11.96 cost for buying them all individually.  If you already have one of the stories you'll still save $2 from the cost of buying 3 titles.  I think they're some of my better work.

Reprogrammed - "This is a fun feminization story that makes good use of technology to keep Randall's blackmailers secret from him for much of the story. There's a lot of humiliation, a bit of bondage and sph, some forced bi, and a small amount of strap on play. If you like feminization tales, particularly those from an office setting, you should enjoy this story." Caged Mitch on

Halloween Humiliation - "it's just as well-told and carefully crafted as any of Kylie's other tales, and the slow, subtle, careful plotting of the ultimate humiliation is exciting to behold. Rather than relying exclusively on blackmail or threats, the story Andrea takes a more seductive approach, challenging her nemesis and getting under his skin, before completely turning the tables." Bending the Bookshelf

The Mask of the Jaguar - "The story features abduction, forced feminization, femdom, humiliation, bondage (featuring kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage), hypnosis, electrified women's clothing, martial arts demonstrated on a hapless sissy, and a gorgeous vigilante in a tight black dress, sunglasses, black floppy hat and scarf. When the scales a justice need balancing, The Jaguar and her partner Katsumi are always prepared to break men and right wrongs. Highly recommended." Caged Mitch on

The Operator
- "Kylie is just a great writer. If you're looking for lots of mindless sex, this is not the story you want. The Operator is actually very well written with a lot of tension and true erotic kink. I squirmed at poor Bob, who loves to be humiliated and wow, Kylie does a great job humiliating him. Women are strong and in control." M Keller on


  1. I finally read Mask of the Jaguar and I think it'd make a great series. Each book could be a different exploiting or abusive male brought into his proper place. Although it'd be fun to see a continuation of that first story.

  2. I would love to do more Mask of the Jaguar. That style and character are so much fun for me. Unfortunately, I don't know that the sales warrant it. Except for Mean Girls and Mermaids where a free version exists and it hasn't been out long, The Mask of the Jaguar was my lowest selling book last year. Reprogrammed was the highest seller I had on Amazon at 247 and Taken by a Girl Gang sold more than that if you counted Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Mask sold 38 copies. It was fun to right though and the feedback I've received has been great.