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Get to Know Your DuPont College Faculty - Dean

Charles Morris is the no-nonsense Dean of Students at DuPont College.  He is known for being extremely affable and personable to any student who drops by his office with a problem or just to chat.  However, when students do things that harm or endanger the rest of the student body, he can be a swift force for justice on the campus.  He wants the students to like him, but he really needs them to respect him.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Morris, he began college at DuPont back in 1981 as a brash young freshman.  By sophomore year half the campus hated him and by junior year he was in the process of losing the other half when he was tabbed by the girls of the Delta Theta sorority to be the reluctant model for their pinup calendar.  The experience changed him.  Gone was the arrogant young man who began school and in it's place was a very personable and caring individual. His brashness had been channeled into friendliness and he was sensitive enough to know when those around him were hurting.  This was a great skill set for a resident assistant to have and it brought him to the attention of the DuPont administration who put him in charge of running their R.A. program upon graduating.

Unfortunately for Dean Morris, the experience as a calendar girl meant that he would forever be at the mercy of the girls of the Delta Theta sorority.  When one class graduated, another class would take their place and again he'd be stuck.  Trying to put his foot down only led to a where are they now article for the alumni magazine with his calendar girl alter ego.  It was humiliating to be back in a dress and heels, but he had no choice.  He also never stood up to the girls again.  

The first time Dean Morris is mentioned is in Calendar Girl when the pledges are being shown a slide show of some of the old models:

"Administration lets us get away with this?"  questioned Sharon.
Heather fast forwarded through the power point until the 1980s. There was a picture of an incredible blonde model. She was sitting on a large rock, with the library and its fountain in the background. She was wearing a black bra and black skirt, you could see the tops of her black stockings under the skirt and she had on the ultimate CFM pumps. Her arms were adorned with opera length black gloves and she wore a pearl choker and pearl bracelets over each glove. Her mouth was done up with a generous amount of ruby red lipstick and she totally looked like something out of an old music video.
"This is why the administration doesn't bother us about this;  the Delta Theta calendar girl of 1984."We all oohed and ahed. I loved the history of fashion and this power point was like taking a trip down memory lane.
"She's very hot, so?"  asked Cindy.
"You know him," replied Heather.
"I don't think so," answered Shelia.
"Wait a second;  did you say this picture was why the administration leaves us alone?"  I questioned my big sister, but I think I already knew.
"That's right. Picture the model without any hair," added Heather helpfully.
"Oh my God, that's Dean Morris!" I yelled. 

The room exploded into laughter as one by one my sisters recognized him. We were now beside ourselves with excitement for this project.

"You should see him as Madonna," laughed Alyssa before settling us down.
We first meet Dean Morris later in Calendar Girl when Brandon goes to him to complain about pretty much the same treatment that the Dean had received back in the 80s.  He's totally owned by Delta Theta and he knows it, so unfortunately for Brandon he's not going to be in any position to help him:

The Dean accused Brandi of wasting his time with a juvenile fraternity prank. When Brandi persisted and swore that we were keeping him against his will, even going as far as showing him the bra he was wearing, the Dean threatened him with an expulsion hearing. He told him that "these accusations are so serious that if you can't prove them, I will see to it that you are expelled for slander." In the end, Dean Morris got him to recant the whole story. When the Dean later called us to report what had happened, I thanked him and complimented him on his calendar photos from 1984. I could hear him cringing on the other end of the line.  "Sisterhood is powerful," I thought laughing to myself at the sniveling administrator on the other end of the phone terrified of offending us and having his Madonna pictures leaked.

So far, that's been it for the Dean, but the newest college story is in the process of being written and you will be seeing lot of Dean Morris in The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu.

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