Sunday, January 11, 2015



I've been plugging ahead.  There's a popular saying in the Amazon writer's forums that the best use of a writer's time is writing.  Anytime spent marketing, blogging, interacting on social media that takes time away from writing is something to be avoided.  Now, there's only so much writing that an author can do, so at some point, blogging doesn't take away from time working on your novel or in my case short stories. I've been very prolific lately and I've managed to complete my next three stories and start on a fourth over the course of three weeks despite all sorts of holiday commitments and working.

The big delay that I have had has actually been more of an emotional thing.  I screwed up badly with somebody I cared about and the only thing worse than having any kind of relationship that's important to you end is when you know that it was 100% the result of you being an asshole.  Especially in my case, where I haven't been the asshole since I reached the age of adulthood, it really sucks.   It definitely has sapped a lot of energy from me since the new year. 


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Congratulations on your productivity!

    Kylie, on the other matter, I can empathize. I was an "asshole" once with someone I cared about, many years ago. However, I learned from my dumb mistake, and I improved, and have never made that mistake again with anyone else.

    Everybody makes mistakes. I think the main thing is to make sure you recognize your mistakes, and learn from them.

    I'm sure, with your feelings of regret, you'll end up being a better person. Also, hopefully the person will forgive you.


  2. I'm afraid I've fucked this one up entirely. I'm not going to be forgiven for what I did. However, like you said, I hope that I can go forward and be a better person for it.

  3. Almost nothing is unforgivable. The things that come closest is a big bad lie or cheating. In either case, while very threatening to a relationship, they can be overcome. Sometimes only after a long time.