Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to College 10: Wedding Belles
Welcome to College was the most personal story that I ever wrote.  The first nine volumes came out between last January and March of last year and told the story of my forced feminization at the hands of some of the girls at my college. It was a life changing experience for me and what began as humiliating bullying became a cherished memory.  The tenth and absolutely final book in the series is a sort of sequel. 

Three years after the events in Welcome to College 9, Nicole and I were summoned again.  This time it was for the wedding of Deanna.  The girls expected us to fight them all the way, but we were both actually kind of enthusiastic to get a chance to be back in our dresses and under their control.  There was definitely coercion employed on us, but I really wouldn't call it forced feminization.  There were definitely things we were forced to do, that we didn't want to, but it was pretty clear we were happy to be there.

As a story, it seemed like there should have been a bit more humiliation at times.  In fact, my beta readers came up with some great ideas.  Unfortunately, I've been proud of the truthfulness of the Welcome to College series and I didn't want to cross a line into book with significant facts altered.  I do think it's a pretty great story and gives old readers a chance to catch up with Kylie, Amanda, and the gang.    Welcome to College 10: Wedding Belles is available at


  1. Great conclusion to a wonderful series!

    Maybe some of the suggestions could be adapted into another book?

  2. There were some ideas that I think I can definitely use. For one thing, I do want to bring back a fictionalized version of myself and the girls for a short five book series that I'm calling Welcome to the Real World about something that happened to me last summer and I immediately saw story potential in.