Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Return of First Person

When I began writing feminization fiction, it was using first person.  The story Blind Date was written from a feminized male's point of view and was soon followed up by Welcome to College, which was basically my college memoirs.  Since then I've mostly written in third person.  Of the few times I've written in first, a few of them like Calendar Girl and Taking One for the Team had me writing in the voice of the dominant woman. 

I don't have a particular favorite.  I think both styles have advantages.  When you write first person you trade the objective voice of the narrator for the more personal, but also more limited voice of one of the characters.  I returned to first person for Welcome to College X and I'm looking forward to using it in a new series called The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu. 

This series is set to kick off (with some luck) on Friday January 16th.  It tells the story of Matt, a freshman at DuPont University who follows in his older brother's footsteps by pledging the wildest party fraternity on campus.  He soon discovers that everything isn't as it seems.  I think this series, will have a sort of Animal House meets X-Files feel to it as Matt tries to escape forced feminization for himself and an even worse fate for his fraternity brothers.

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