Thursday, January 15, 2015

Great Points on Feminization

One of my favorite beta readers, made an awesome post on feminization fiction today on Goodreads and I wanted to share it.  This is what he said:

Speaking as one of your readers, I have to say that descriptive scenes about makeup being applied (or for that matter scenes that have too much focus on describing every article of clothing a soon-to-be sissy is going to be forced to wear) don't really add much to my enjoyment of a story.

I much prefer the focus to be on the psychological aspects of feminization, and how it affects the balance of power within a relationship (whatever that relationship might be).

There may be exceptions. You could write a scene about a guy strapped to a chair while his wife does his makeup. You could describe the makeup in detail, but also the fact his wife's other hand is simultaneously playing with his cock (there may be synchronized wanking involved) to the point where he can almost (but not quite) climax. That would be interesting to me, but not because of the makeup.

The sad thing is that we all know that the poor guy's little cock is going to be tucked back in it's chastity tube until the next time his wife decides to kindly tie him to a chair and edge him while she makes him up to be her little whore.

Another example...A guy is enamored of his new girlfriend and the game she plays with him. She strips down to her very sexy lingerie, and then she asks him to describe in detail what she's wearing. If she's satisfied with the description he gives her, they come off. If everything comes off, he gets to have sex. If he can't tell the difference between hiphuggers and boyshorts, they stay on, and the game is over until next time. That guy is going to learn a lot about lingerie very quickly.

It's also a safe bet that the guy's brand new obsession with lingerie is going to make it very easy for her to insist that he start to wear what she takes off.

Again, it's not really about the clothing.

If you want to write a sex story about makeup or clothing, I suggest referring to the following scientific formulas:

Makeup = Sex
Clothing = Sex 

I love that description.  I printed it out for myself as a reminded when I'm writing.  What do you all think?

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  1. I tend the disagree but it doesn't have to be either / or. I like enough detail to make the scene come to life. It shouldn't read like an inventory, but it should include descriptions. Color, how it looks and feels, etc. I don't even know all the terms some authors use, so I do get that can go too far as to be boring. I think a good mix works best.