Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alpha Theta Nu 2

Well color me surprised, but Amazon got this upload done very quickly. Had I known, I would have waited a day or two to upload.  My goal is still for a Friday release, but even pre-order is no guarantee as I found out with my last book. 

Alpha Theta Nu 2: At the Mercy of the Alphas, takes place right where one left off.  When Candy discovers that Barbie and Dollface have gone on a panty raid at the Delta Delta Omicron house, he suspects that they've been set up.  His rescue mission does not go well and all three of them are taken captive by the sorority.  This story takes place mostly at the sorority house as the girls take advantage of the situation and put their plans into motion:

Don’t piss them off. You’re going to make it worse for all of us,” pleaded Barbie.
 I looked up to see Dollface being shoved into the room. She was dressed like a prom princess. I probably got off the easiest in terms of my outfit.
“Oh Hell, I see they did a number on you two,” he whined.
“We’re fucked, guys,” replied Dollface.
“We could get expelled for this,” agreed Barbie.
“Guys, we’re being restrained against our will and falsely imprisoned. Best case scenario, this has to violate the university’s hazing ban,” I argued.
“If we made a big stink, I think Alpha Theta Nu would kick us out. This sorority is so tight with our frat, and we still owe them on the loan for the frat house,” disagreed Dollface.
“Seriously, you’re worried about getting into the fraternity after all of this?” I asked.
“Of course,” replied Barbie, “this is a little embarrassing is all. It’s worth it to be part of the best frat in school. Maybe you don’t get it, but if we’re Alphas, we’re set. We’ll go to all the best parties and have all the hottest women. This is our golden ticket.”
“No, it’s not,” I insisted. “Look, for all the hot women that supposedly hang around us, name one brother who has a girlfriend.”
“They keep their options open. I would too,” said Dollface.
“You guys are nuts. As soon as I get out of here, I’m out of Alpha Theta Nu,” I replied.
“Just don’t ruin it for us, alright?” begged Barbie.
“Yeah, this means a lot to us. Don’t blow it,” pleaded Dollface.
“Guys, I came back to get you because I knew something like this would happen. Don’t you remember me telling you that the fraternity was trying to feminize us?” I asked. “Well, look at us now.”
“Just don’t blow it,” said Barbie.
“I’ll try not to,” I replied, “but who knows what these girls are up to?”
“It can’t be that bad. They’re just sorority girls,” said Barbie.
“That’s easy for you to say. You didn’t have Lauren beating the Hell out of you,” I said disgustedly motioning to my cuffed wrists.
“I told you to cooperate,” sighed Dollface.
“Do either of you have your cell phones?” I asked.
“That’s the first thing they got,” replied Barbie.
“Same,” added Dollface.
“Me too,” I concurred.

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  1. Such a great story! This could be the best yet!