Sunday, February 1, 2015

Were Lip Smackers Your Gateway to Forced Feminization?


Whether we were tied up, pinned down, blackmailed, bullied, tricked, begged, or bribed, for many of us guys with older sisters our first experience with cosmetics was wearing Lip Smacker Lip Gloss.  Other than bribery and begging, I think my sisters used all of those on me to get me to wear the flavored lip gloss.  I did not have a lot of forced feminization experiences when I was younger.  In fact, when I talk to other guys with multiple older sisters, I think I got off very light.  However, I did have my moments with a grape flavored Lip Smacker as well as a bubble gum one.

I think the reason why I associate Lip Smacker so much with forced feminization is because it tended to be a girl's first makeup and something a girl would own in her tween years, when dressing up a helpless or unsuspecting brother or classmate sounds the most fun to her.  Did you have any Lip Smacker moments?

Mashable has a story about some tough financial times for the company, but it does appear the brand will survive even if the people who make it are laid off. 

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