Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween is Approaching. I Need a Costume

The woman who got me into Niteflirt and a lot of other things is a charming woman named Emma Evans.  She's a charming beauty and one of the best erotic hypnotists out there.  She's also a lifestyle dominant.  I've never taken advantage of her services because she's way out of my price range.  I have been lucky to talk to her on social media as a friend and she didn't seem to give me much of a choice about crossdressing for Halloween.  Neither did Claudia and I am willing to bet I'll hear from Deanna before too long.  In other words, I need a girly Halloween costume.  Any suggestions?


  1. I wanted to balance something girly with something somewhat scary, so I went with a dead Salem witch. Looking forward to the big night!

  2. Very nice! I want something creative too.

  3. By popular demand, I'm going as a Hooters Girl. Want me to send you a spare uniform?