Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cassie and Cassandra: The Complete Domme and Her Mom

Where do dominant woman come from? In some cases they come from dominant moms. Cassie and her mother Cassandra King are a case in point. Cassie and Cassandra; The Complete Domme and Her Mom is their story.

When David and his mom move to California, he finds himself the target of Cassie’s attentions. She’s determined to turn him into the sissy slave that she’s always wanted.  When her mom finds out, he thinks he’s saved, but that’s not how things work in the King household. With her mom’s experience and guidance, Cassie intends to run him for Homecoming Queen.

It's really two stories in one.  First, you have the relationships between the mom, her daughter, the sissy, and a couple of other girls in their high school and then you have the whole Homecoming Queen campaign. I think this is definitely one of my better series. At 55,000 words it is full of female domination, forced feminization, humiliation, and all that good stuff. There’s even a bit of sweetness to it.

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  1. Oooh, very exciting! I've been waiting for this . . . I want to sit and immerse myself in the whole story.