Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Claudia's Erotic Tales of Feminization

Calling this Claudia's Erotic Tales of Feminization may be a misnomer because there were four of us writing it, but she wrote a lot of the stories.  It's  a longer book that compiles a lot of short stories.  I think it's pretty amazing actually, what these writers (myself included reluctantly) can do with 500 or 1,000 words. You get characterization, a plot, and a sexy scene usually in a short amount of words.
My Favorite Game (627 words) - Told from a domme's point of view--A celebration of the joys of feminizing men.

Mistress at the Office (2,650 words) - Claudia collaborated with Mindi Harris on this story of a mistress visiting her sissy at his job. She has big plans for him and for his secretary as well.

Good Morning Luv (537 words) - A mistress greets her sissy in the morning. He finds himself bound and made up and her about to leave on a date.

Scoopers (710 words) - No feminization in this female domination story written by Claudia and Kylie Gable and inspired by the DH Lawrence short story Tickets Please, some girls who work at an ice cream parlor give their male boss his just desserts.

Sissy Halloween Encounter (533 words) - It's so easy to spot a sissy at Halloween and Claudia is always on the prowl for new ones.

Post-Halloween Cuckolding (1,395 words) - Diane Callaway and Claudia collaborated on this story about a late Halloween party that turns out to be an opportunity for a woman to cuckold her lover while her girlfriends feminize him.

Sissy Cheers (537 words) - A true story about a cheerleading team with a penchant for feminizing guys.

Andy's Apartment (922 words) - Kylie Gable and Claudia wrote a story with a bit of feminization and a lot of female domination about a college professor whose students get revenge when they catch him ogling them.

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