Sunday, October 5, 2014


Robyn Boros was one of Debbie's best friends.  She was cute with long brown hair and big blue eyes that sparkled as she talked.  She had an amazing pair of legs and a great sense of humor.   She was also my former girlfriend.  She was a year older than me in school, which along with her relationship with Debbie was why I didn't ask her out until junior year.  From that moment until I graduated we were inseparable.   She even decided not to go away to school so that we could still be together during my senior year of high school.  We were good together and I wasn't a bad boyfriend. 
Unfortunately, even good things come to an end.  Last summer, it occurred to me that a long distance girlfriend would be a real liability at college and I thought it was more honorable to just break up with her.  She didn't agree and it was a pretty ugly breakup. 
"What is she doing here?" I asked Debbie angrily
"Yeah, you might want to treat the keeper of your key much nicer, Kylie," laughed Debbie
"Oh my God," I said turning pale.
"This is going to be the best summer ever," said Robyn grabbing my skirt and trying to look underneath at my panties.
"Now sister," said Debbie, "We are supposed to take some pictures of you to send back to your school friends.  I think we're start with some of my old dance costumes, then Robyn's cheerleading uniform, and we'll end with mom's wedding dress.  You're going to be a regular supermodel by the time this summer is over."
There was no way that experience wasn't going to be embarrassing.  Doing cheers or wearing a wedding dress in front of your sister and your ex-girlfriend is just naturally humiliating, but it struck me as much worse to be wearing the very clothing that I had admired Robyn in. 
--Welcome to College Book IV: Domestic Discipline 

Regular poster Mindi asked for more details about some scenes such as this one and I remember the cheering quite well.  It had naturally occurred to Debbie and Robyn that dressing me as a cheerleader and a bride would be two of the most humiliating ways to dress me up.  It was also something that the girls at college wanted.  Any photos that Robyn and Debbie took of me could be used as blackmail because they would show that I dressed up when the girls weren't even around and make it harder for me to prove I was forced.  It was also very frightening to think that my mother would find out I had worn her wedding dress.
In addition to wearing the cheerleader uniform (Not the one pictured).  The girls had me do cheers that Robyn had written for me.  I don't remember them all, but I remember that they were all very humiliating.  One that I do remember because I repeated it several times including over the phone to the girls was:

I'm a sissy not a guy.
Watch me dance,
Watch me prance.
When I find a cute boy
We'll make romance.
I like kissing, it's so fun
With cute boys, I use my tongue.
Yay Sissy!!

It's not exactly Shakespeare or even LL Cool J, but when it came to humiliating me it did the trick.  The costume itself was black and orange and came complete with orange panties in team color as well as tiny socks and black and orange hair ribbons.  Robyn taught me how to move for the cheers and also had me pose in the same poses they had the girls in for the yearbook page in high school.


  1. Wow so humiliating! Poor Kylie. Robyn must have loved you in that.

  2. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you for sharing that experience! Robyn sure knows how to write a good "sissy" cheer!

    I really love the role Robyn plays in your (mostly) true story of Welcome to College. I can't think of anything more humiliating than being dressed up by a former girlfriend! (Especially one that you had, seemingly unjustly, dumped!)

    Kylie, you've truly led an amazing life, and you've made my life richer by sharing some of the details. I also really love the way you write - I'm still reading and savoring "Summer Reunion" and loving it!


  3. Thanks! Robyn was actually a really cool chick. We never would have lasted through college even if the feminization didn't happen, but she deserved better than I gave her. In a lot of my stories, the women are mistreated by a guy and they feminize him for payback. I think my experiences with Robyn were part of what makes that theme so strong with me. There was something really embarrassing about having to wear a dress that she had worn on a date with me and that I admired her in. I still definitely wanted her to see me as a man and that made things very humiliating.

    I really appreciate those comments at the end Jen. I have a nice big 16,000 word story being uploaded tomorrow, but it probably won't be up til Saturday so you'll have plenty to read when you're done with Summer Reunion :)