Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Calendar Girl Audiobook Live on Audible

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Calendar Girl is now up and available for purchase at Audible for $6.95.   The file is 83 minutes of some of my very best writing, captured extremely skillfully by Marami Hung.  She's really amazingly talented and her take on Jen is better than I could have possibly hoped for.  I also really enjoyed her version of Cindy and even Brandon. 

If you don't remember the original story, or you haven't read it yet, it was a story that refused to cooperate with me.  I wanted a simply 8,000 word eBook about humiliating feminization, but the characters refused to cooperate.  I don't use outlines much, but I used one on this particular story and it was a total waste of time.  The scene in the audio sample is from that was never supposed to happen.  I had a very humiliating moment for Brandon before lunch and that was supposed to be the end of it.  However, when I wrote the scene, he acted surprisingly defiant and Jen couldn't let it slide.  That's when I truly enjoy writing--when I feel like the characters are in control instead of me.

It's the story of the Delta Theta's from DuPont College, who have been raising money for their sorority's charities for seventy years by selling a pinup calendar.  Since the 1960s, that calendar has featured a mail model.  This year, the select a guy named Steve.  He's a cocky upperclassman who uses the freshman directory to meet and seduce freshmen girls.  Now he finds himself at the mercy of the Delta Theta pledge class being prepared to be their new pinup in the calendar as well as marketing it.

This story takes place at the same fictional college, I sent my college memoirs at.  I even have a brief appearance by an English professor that readers of the Welcome to College series will recognize as Sheila who was one of the ringleaders in Kylie's feminization 10 years earlier.    It was very well reviewed, but I think my favorite review came from Bending the Bookshelf:

If you're a fan of forced feminization, female domination, and submissive male humiliation, then you'll find Calendar Girl a surprisingly original and exciting tale. Kylie Gable has turned the genre on its head a bit here, telling the tale entirely from the perspective of the women of the Delta Theta sorority. This is a story about young women learning the joy and the exhilaration of having absolute power over men, and of using those men for their own entertainment.

The idea of using pin-up calendars as fund raising tools is hardly unique, and even the idea of putting men in pin-up drag has been done before. The twist here is in picking one lucky boy from campus, getting to know him, and learning precisely how to either entrap him or entice him into participating. It's not just an afternoon of cheesecake poses, either - a proper transformation takes weeks of public humiliation, involving everything from shopping for shoes and lingerie, to getting a public makeover.

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