Friday, October 3, 2014

Win a Free Audio Book

I am so excited about the Calendar Girl audiobook.   In fact, I've never been so excited about a project before.  It's one of my best books with an amazing read by Marami Hung.   I really hope that you'll check it out.  I am going to be giving a free copy of the audiobook away.  To qualify, you only need to respond to this thread with the name of your favorite book I have written.  The deadline is Sunday evening at 8pm Eastern time.  One person who responds will be picked at random and receive a code to download Calendar Girl for free. 


  1. Welcome to College is my fave!

  2. I will probably buy the Calendar Girl audiobook (so I don't need to win it), but Welcome to College is also my favorite. :) - Jenn.

  3. Thanks for entering both of you. I decided the winner at Random.Org by doing 100 coin flips and Mindi won 58-42. So far, you are both very important to this blog as you seem to be my two active members. It's much easier to do this when I don't feel that I'm posting into a vacuum.

  4. Thank you Jenn and Kylie

    I'm listening to it now and it's wonderful!

    Such a great voice actress.