Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I've Been Doing

I'm still plugging along with the writing.  I'm in the process of wrapping up the Girl Gang series and Wesley is in a mess of trouble again.  I'm still working with some decent lead time.  The next books coming out in order are:

1. The Operator (10/24) - A very conventional story told about very unconventional people.  A phone sex operator is being played by a closet sissy.  He finally pushes her past the breaking point and she decides to teach him a lesson and feminize him for real.  What is in store for our hero and will he ever find the mistress he's been looking for his whole life?

2. Giftwrapped (11/07) - My Christmas story collection features four different stories with a holiday theme.

3. Fugitive from a Girl Gang (11/21) - The exciting conclusion of Wesley's brutal feminization at the hands of a Girl Gang.

In addition, my return to skirts and dresses has been moving along with help from Deanna.  The rough part is she has me changing the color of my toe nails every two days and keeping myself shaved, which is greatly increasing the time I am spending on my grooming.  I've also worn a few things to get used to them again.  I'm happy to report that walking in heels is a lot like riding a bike and didn't really require much practice. I'm also happy to say that while I don't look like I did at 21, I definitely don't look bad for a dude in a dress. 


  1. Hi Kylie,

    You are so productive - it is really admirable! (I'm very impressed.)

    I'm also glad Deanna has you practicing well for the Halloween party! How are you feeling about it?


  2. Very pretty shoes Kylie. I think Deana is going to have you looking very feminine and pretty again, and you're gonna love it..

  3. I'll post an update soon. It's great that this is going on, but it's also a bit scary.