Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sun Tattoos

I'm not sure that you could do this without assistance, but if there are any dommes reading this, it could make for a fun humiliation assignment.  Its a pretty obvious humiliation that a lot of dommes have done once the weather gets warm, to make a sissy lay out to sunbathe in a woman's swimsuit in order to brand them with sissy tan lines.

When I was in college, the girls there took it a step further.  I mentioned this in Welcome to College, but I didn't go into much detail.   The girls shared a house beginning my sophomore year and it had a semi-secluded place to suntan.  Naturally, one of the first things the girls did when the warmer months came was to have me out there in a bikini.  I couldn't pass in a bikini, but that didn't matter.  They wanted the tan lines.  To increase my humiliation, they tied me to a lounge chair to sunbathe.  However, when an hour was up was when they got creative.

They turned me over on my stomach and again restrained me.  This time however, I felt something cold on the small of my back.  I think it was a Colorforms play set, but in any event they had a little plastic decal of Tinkerbell that they placed on the small of my back along with the words Princess Kylie, also in plastic letters from a kid's toy of some kind.    I had no idea what it was until I went inside and could look at the mark on my back.  The sun had created a tramp stamp of a Tinkerbell silhouette and the name Pirncess Kylie on the small of my back.  Be reapplying the plastic pieces in the same places whenever I suntanned, they had a very noticeable tramp stamp on my back by the end of summer.

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