Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Doubling Down

Amazon is very frustrating today.  I have completed a new ebook, which I think you will enjoy. However, Amazon has had it in review for about 20 hours now.  The book itself should have absolutely no controversial material.  There is some delicious humiliation as two sisters make a bet on who can better feminize the twin boys that live next door to them.  There is some humiliation where the sissies are forced to dance with guys, but there is nothing X-Rated or even R-Rated about it, so I'm sure that it should sale right by the censors.  There is a lot of humiliation, bondage, and what my beta readers said was a really cool ending.  Unfortunately, I can't send a link because it's still in review.  I hope you'll support it like you've been supporting all my projects.  It really means a lot.


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Just wanted to say - sounds like a great story!

    I've only read "Welcome to College" so far (still reading it), but I really like your style, and plan to read more.

    I'm glad you're writing more stories!


  2. Over summer, I started writing a book a week. I've slowed down some as work got busy, but I intend to have a book coming out every 2-3 weeks until next June :)

  3. Great story! As with all the stories you write, the premise makes a lot of sense, and the action flows well. Also, I always wish it were longer and more detailed. I'd really like to read more about the training and the interval from the concert to the fashion show went by a bit quickly.

    You left the twins in a great position to write sequels, one at least for each of them. While the temptation would be to revisit Welcome to College, you might want to take each twin in a different direction. One might enjoy the change and end up opting for transitioning, joining the sorority, etc. Meanwhile, the other hates it and fights the whole way?

  4. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I'll note your comments. I am always happy to read constructive criticism and I'm always willing to consider it. I am going to be posting a bit more info on cheering for Robyn when I get a chance.