Friday, August 22, 2014

Quality Control

I apologize for the long delay between posts. I was out of town on vacation.  This summer, I made it my mission to really write hard and get ahead.  My plan has been to be able to release a new eBook every 2 or 3 weeks this year and I knew that do that, I would need to write about a book a week every summer.  I'm happy to say that a first draft of my next 3 eBooks are completed, 2 are at the beta readers, and I will complete number 4 this weekend.

It's a great feeling of accomplishment to be finishing my first draft of a book that I'm not planning on releasing until October 10th.  However, I have made it my goal to keep my quality consistent.  In my opinion, I write pretty good books. That's not bragging.  If I didn't think my books were good, I wouldn't write them.  I don't like arrogance, but there isn't an author that publishes a book that doesn't think it's pretty good.

A funny thing happened on the way to the book, that is supposed to be released next Friday.  Kidnapped by a Girl Gang was not given high marks by either of my beta readers.   I then circulated it to three authors whose work I respect.  Margeaux Adler, Alyssa Paige, and Troy had comments and criticisms, but they all commented positively on the story.  It's been edited for punctuation and grammar, but I won't put a book out if I think people won't be satisfied with it.  Selling one book to people is great, but getting somebody to buy many books from me is the key to making this thing work.

I have a lot of work ahead of me with Kidnapped by a Girl Gang.  I've never done as thorough a rewrite as this books is going to need.  I am going to add scenes, explore character's motivations, and make an epic finale even more epic.  I hope that my final product will be improved enough that it will thrill my beta readers and more importantly, that you'll enjoy it. 

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