Friday, August 1, 2014


Well, it had to happen.   I guess Taken by the Girl Gang had a lot of corporate elements in it, but Reprogrammed represents my first corporate feminization story.  I like them.  I really do.  One of my favorite short stories from the old day was about a guy about to go on vacation and one of his female colleagues feminizes him instead.  At the end of the story, he embraces his femininity and they ride off into the sunset together.  I also love Fiona Piper's Feminizing Her Bosses and several other stories set in the business world.  However, there are a bunch of cliches in these stories and I tried to avoid some of them.

Randall Belle is a boss that I based on several bosses that I have had in my life.  He believes that he is better than everybody else; particularly his female interns.  He treats them like unpaid secretaries rather than giving the girls assignments that could actually help them launch their careers.  They have finally had enough and they take advantage of a tech conference to get their revenge.

The story features a lot of technology, but none of it is really science fiction.  There is a butt plug in the story that you couldn't buy today, but if there was demand, I'm sure someone would make it.    The girls are creative and they really take it out on Mr. Belle.    It has all those elements that I love to write about including some forced bisexuality and a lot of humiliation. 

I've been putting most of my stories on both Smashwords and Amazon lately, but with Amazon's knew Kindle Unlimited program, I wanted to see how a new book would do that was available through the program.  You can find Reprogrammed here.

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