Saturday, August 9, 2014

This American Life - Mean Girls

Picture: Allure of the Mean Friend

I was listening to This American Life today, and it was about how nice people don't usually get ahead; even in jobs like being a waitress where you would think being nice would be a boost to your career.  The first segment was on mean girls that guys knew in junior high.  One guy was now rooming with the girl that he was scared of in 7th grade.  She was now a doctor working with homeless people and a great human being as well as a very supportive friend, but he would always remember how she used to be.

Another guy was so scared of one girl who picked on him when he was younger that he couldn't even speak to her as an adult.  The segment had an interesting conclusion that the guys enjoyed the attention and actually sought these girls out.  In a kink context, I really found it interesting.  I know so many of my submissive kinks come from what happened to me in college and I know for a lot of guys it was much earlier.

I had wanted to embed the player in my blog, but this is an old episode they were rebroadcasting and it wouldn't work, so I have enclosed a link instead.  Just click on the picture.  

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