Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Questions with Fiona Piper

I am back from the road and happy to bring a new feature to this blog.  I am not just a writer of feminization fiction, I'm also a reader.  I've read some very poor stories and also some great ones.  I thought I would use this blog to feature some of my favorite authors in the genre.

Fiona Piper is one of the first feminization authors that I came across on Amazon that I really enjoyed reading.  She tells memorable stories that revolve around a cunning domme and a guy who usually gets what's coming to him.  I think my favorite book of hers for me is Feminizing Her Bosses followed by Caught by His Neighbor.    I chose to spotlight Fiona because she has two bundles out right now, which would allow you to read all of her great stories for less than $12.

Here is her Amazon Page
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Kylie Gable:
Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

Fiona Piper: The ideas that matter to me in my stories are those 2-3 scenes in each book where you really get that moment that you wish you could experience... that moment where you say, “Wow! What would it be like if my wife/girlfriend did this to me?” Those are the ideas that I write my books around. And those ideas come from things I run into day to day which just turn me on. They may be something my wife says. They may be something I see on television. They may just be something that strikes me while standing in line at the grocery store. And then my mind goes to work building the idea into a complete scene and then fitting that into the story.

KG: Have you ever worked in an office environment? A lot of my favorite Fiona Piper stories take place in that environment.

Yes, I’ve worked in many different environments, but I’ve spent the last decade working in professional offices in a big city. It’s actually a very sexy environment because the women are all so well dressed.

KG: What is your favorite story that you have written?

FP: “Her Lactating Sissy.” This one was just so different and so much fun to write (and read). Plus, the idea of growing breasts is really exciting.

KG: Do you think your dommes have any particular traits in common?

FP: That’s hard to say because they are all so different. I would say though that they all kind of stumble into being a domme. None of them are the leather-clad dommes you so often see. Instead, they are normal women who discover that domination (and feminization) will give them what they’ve been seeking and they embrace it.

KG: What would you most like to write if you weren't writing feminization.

FP: Science fiction. To me, it has the greatest possibilities, especially in terms of the characters, because people expect you to try new things.

KG: Who are your favorite authors?

FP: Ann Michelle is easily my top feminization author. I’m also a fan of Stephen King.

KG: What celebrity do you think would be the most fun to write a story feminizing?

Brad Pitt because I could see him getting into it and having fun with it.

KG: Some of your stories have such great endings. I especially loved how everything comes together in Feminizing Her Bosses. Do you start your writing from the beginning or start with the ending first?

FP: I always start with a rough outline so I “know” how the story will end. And then I start writing from the beginning. But by the time I reach the ending, it’s nothing like my outline. LOL! So I guess the answer is that I know roughly how the story will go, but it will change an incredible amount from what I initially expect.

KG: What feminization author would you like me to interview next?

There are so many. :)

KG: Anything you'd like to add?

FP: Yes. Let me add how vital it is for fans to leave solid reviews at Amazon. There are too many people who leave troll reviews at Amazon just to hurt books in our genre and if an author’s books stop selling, they stop writing. So if you have authors you like and you want more from them, please please please leave them great reviews.

KG: Thank you for doing our inaugural interview Fiona.    Readers should definitely consider purchasing Super Bundle Volume One and Super Bundle Volume Two if they enjoy well-crafted forced feminization stories.

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  1. Fantastic interview! So great to see 2 forced feminization fanatics in the same space. :)