Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Own Calendar Girl Moment

Like a lot of my stories, the idea for my latest story Calendar Girl comes from an incident in my past.  When I was in college, the cabal of girls feminizing me fluctuated a bit.  There were four girls in the beginning, when Sheila was added in it became five.  However, the girls' involvement ebbed and flowed depending on what was going on in their own lives.  There was also a group of girls and a few guys who knew what was going on and many of them enjoyed watching me squirm my way through the humiliation.

One bright idea that Amanda had was to put together a pinup calendar.  In the beginning it was just of me, but later the months alternated between myself and Nicole.  Amanada had a friend who was quite gifted at photography  Elizabeth was a photographer on the college newspaper and while our school didn't have a photography major, she took several classes in the subject and had access to high quality photographic equipment.   She was also part of that group of hangers on.

Around November of my sophomore year, I was really starting to take shape.  Passing was no longer all that much of a question.   Amanda got an idea for Christmas gifts that year of giving everybody a pinup calendar and you can guess who she had in mind for the model.  It was pretty humiliating, not only because of the ridiculous outfits that I was put in, but also because of the embarrassingly feminine poses.  For August for example, I was in a women's bathing suit playing with sand and a pail.  For June, I was in wedding lingerie looking longingly at a wedding gown.    Over the course of a few weeks, I posed for close to 100 pictures.  Amanda and Elizabeth chose the 100 that they liked best and they took them to a copy store, where you could make calendars from your pictures for $15. 

As all the girls opened their calendars that Christmas and paged through them, I was mortified.  It was pretty emasculating.  Over Christmas break, Deanna brought her calendar home with her to her small town.  Her boyfriend and his buddy were visiting and she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom.  When she returned the two of them were ogling the calendar.  Now, the boyfriend had the common sense to play it cool (They are still married, so he knew what he was doing).  However, his friend was going nuts about me being the hottest girl he'd ever seen and who was I?   Deanna explained that I was a friend of hers who was trying to break into modeling. 

She told him that if he gave her $15, she would try and get him one when she got back to school.   She went to the Kinkos and got another one printed.  She mailed it out to him a week later.  She would constantly tease me that somewhere at the University of Illinois, there was a guy masturbating to my photos.  It was a most unsettling thought.  I tried to capture that feeling for Brandon in Calendar Girl.

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