Saturday, July 26, 2014

On all Things Pantyhose

I'm not the only guy out there with a pantyhose fetish.  Some guys really go nuts for them.  However, I realize that aside from being rather outdated, pantyhose were basically created as a substitute for much sexier stockings.  They were popularized by working women in the 60s and 70s and then began to decline.  So why is that a thing for me?

When I was feminized in college, the girls who were doing it began by making me wear panties every day under my male clothing.  Pantyhose came next and they were followed by keeping my toes painted and finally a bra or camisole.   However, nothing I wore under my clothing was as constant a reminder as the pantyhose.  When I moved my legs in class and my pants brushed against my pantyhose, I instantly felt them and remembered I was wearing them.  The other things, even the bra, were sometimes out of sight out of mind for me.

The other thing was the girls used the pantyhose as one of the main things they tied me up with.  In fact, when I ran a pair of hose, I was instructed not to throw them out, but to put them in a separate drawer for this very reason.  

While women often complain about wearing hose, I have to admit they didn't bother me except in really hot days and they did feel pretty amazing the first time I ever pulled them up freshly shaved legs.  Pantyhose, aren't the sexiest thing in the world, but if you read my stories, you will notice that most of the guys who get feminized are forced to put on pantyhose as well.

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