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12 Questions with Alyssa Paige

UPDATE: Feminized for the Fourth came out yesterday and I already purchased it and eagerly devoured it.  I wouldn't call it a five-star masterpiece, but I would call it very enjoyable four-star fiction.  I was a little worried that there would be no humiliation in the book, but Alyssa did a wonderful job of not making it easy on poor Jeff, even if he had willingly put himself into the position in which he found himself.  There was one scene where he realized that one of the girls was stronger than he was, that could have come right from a conversation that I had with a rather powerful female friend of mine a couple of days ago.  I also enjoyed seeing Alyssa getting more detailed in the feminization of the protagonist.  In this interview, she mentioned how much she loved "total feminization" and it was fun to see her really go for it.  I think this story will really appeal to my readers, especially those of you who enjoyed Calendar Girl, which features a similar element in that a lot of the male's humiliation comes from being turned into a female sex symbol and being gawked at by hundreds of men.

I have put up a link to the book at the bottom of the interview.  I would really appreciate you using it.  It'll get about 12 cents for your effort and it comes out of Amazon's cut, not Alyssa's. 

I was lucky enough to do my second interview for this blog with   She's actually newer at the self-publishing game than I am.  However, in less than half a year, she's put out 14 impressive books already and has another one ready to launch this weekend.

Of all the other writers that I have reached out to since I began this journey, Alyssa has been the most open and one of the most supportive.  I thought she was a great choice to interview because we share some very similar tastes.  If you like my stories of forced feminization and female domination, I feel like there's a pretty good chance that you'll like Alyssa's too.  We also both happen to be fond of the college setting.  I own 7 books that she has written and not surprisingly, my favorites have been the ones set on campus.  Luckily for readers, my two favorite of her stories are collected in The College Feminization Combo for one low price.  That's where I'd start if you were interested in trying some of her writing out.

Here is her Amazon Page
Here is her Goodreads Page

Kylie Gable: What draws you to writing about feminization?

Alyssa Paige: I like the "permanence" of it. A lot of BDSM play it seems you have your session, have your fun... then can go on about your day. Feminization, especially the full on transformation type, is something that the you can't escape even if you want to. You're being transformed and powerless to stop it for whatever reason, and that is hot to me!

KG: You've written about feminization as well as non-feminizing female domination, how do those two fetishes come together for you?

AP: To me they can go hand in hand. BDSM for the scene itself, then the feminization to ensure the "control" when the sub/sissy is away from the domme.

KG: You mentioned to me once before that your Bound for the Office series was about a friend of yours. Did you find it challenging to write a true story as erotica?

AP: The most challenging part of Bound for the Office was distilling the facts into something readable. Each part probably encompasses months of "real time" for Sarah and Tom. They took things really slow being coworkers, so a lot of their fun was really repetitive. Great for them in the moment, but I didn't think the reader would want 10 scenes in a row of basically the same thing happening! I decided to basically hit the high points of their relationship where what they were doing got pushed to a new level and that seems to work well. I'd like to write more on them, but they are in a bit of a holding pattern now so I'm not sure where the story could go.

KG: I found that my own feminization was the perfect topic for an erotic series, but I did have to make changes just because so much of the really wild stuff was at the end of the process and it was hard to make endless hours in front of a mirror learning to put on makeup sound exciting. Did you need to the same thing writing Bound for the Office?

AP: I think for me what they were doing was exciting enough it didn't create challenges like that aside from the repetitiveness of their scenes, which I mentioned above. I basically cut out all the "boring" stuff and got to the meat of their story and the parts of it that caused maximum shame for Tom.

KG: What traits do you think the dommes in your stories share?

AP: A good question, I think a lot of them are strong women with a take control attitude. I also think they have an underlying level of caring for the characters they are humiliating. The trust involved in a relationship like that I feel is very strong, and even though the male characters are "forced" I like to try and keep the trust between them intact.

KG:  Like me, you really enjoy the college setting. Is that because of your own experience in college or something else?

AP: College to me was fantastic for exploring sexuality. I could probably write my own memoirs on that! I think it is a good setting as college is one of the few places where so many like minded and same aged individuals congregate with the added freedom of adulthood as well. Any crazy event in a story can be written off as, "Ah, well that's college for you!" so I think the reader allows the setting to be a little more wild than normal.

KG:  I think my favorite scene of yours is in the first Sorority Cuckold book, when Jim is tied to Emily's bed and Piper walks in on him and proceeds to take advantage of his position. What is your favorite scene that you've written?

AP:  Similar to that scene, the one at the end of Part 2 of Memoirs of a Feminized Slave where Martin is tied and awaiting a strap on. I just love the idea of someone being so vulnerable, helpless and humiliated and being completely powerless to stop someone from seeing them in such a state. Even better if the person seeing them is someone they are attracted to and/or know extremely well!

KG: What made you try your hand at writing erotica?

AP:  I've always enjoyed writing, but never wrote as much as I should. I read an article on people actually making money by self publishing so I thought I'd try my hand at it. I could get some beer and grocery money and hopefully make a few fans. Both goals are already accomplished, and between the feedback from fans and the royalties it really is a strong motivator to keep on writing!What made you decide to try writing erotica?

KG: If you could write about feminizing any famous guy, who would it be?

AP: Don't laugh, but Zach Efron.

KG: Do you have any favorite authors?

AP: I don't read as much as I used to, but I like George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Tolkien. Basically people that can write some really big books or series that keep me occupied on vacations!

KG:  What do think is the most humiliating thing to make a reluctant sissy wear?

AP: I always lean towards garters and stockings. Even when I wear them I feel extra feminine and I'm a woman! So I can imagine how a sissy would feel >:)

KG:  What can you tell us about your new book?

AP: My newest book should be out shortly and is a one off story of a young man who accidentally prevents a close friend from fulfilling her duties as a pageant winner. He'd do anything to make it better of course.... :) It is entitled "Feminized for the Fourth of July" and I hope readers enjoy it.

KG: Thanks for the interview, Alyssa.  I really enjoyed it and I will update it to include a link to Feminized for the Fourth of July as soon as it is available.  

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