Monday, July 28, 2014

Confirmed Release Schedule

I had planned a pretty orderly schedule of a book every two weeks following the Girls of Summer release schedule.  Sometimes, the best laid plans of man and sissy go awry.   I was blown away by the success of Taken by the Girl Gang and Cuckolded by the Girl Gang.    Among my beta readers, there had been a lot of discussion about whether there should be an epilogue or not.   In some ways, the story may have been left a bit open ended at the end of book 2.  However, seeing the demand for the first two books, I couldn't resist making a third part to the series.  In fact, there will be at least 4 parts by the time I am done.  I haven't plotted yet, but I know how I want the series to end.  It's just a question of getting there in however many books it takes.

Calendar Girl has shocked the heck out of me.    It started out a little slow and then caught fire after five days.  Frankly, there isn't a lot of word of mouth with erotica and not really that many reviews.  I'm thrilled to see how well it's doing.

I have 3 books that are currently with the beta readers.  I'm going to continue to release books every two weeks through the end of September and then I may slow down to every 3 for a bit.  I haven't decided yet.  I'm trying to push myself to keep a steady output, but at the same time, I want to have time for the rest of my life.  Like most authors, I can  be both a terrible procrastinator as well as an addict to my keyboard.

August 1st - Reprogrammed:  Three interns at a tech company get fed up with their boss and decide to wreak vengeance at a tech conference. 

August 10th - Doubling Down: Two sisters have a bet to see who can do a better job of feminizing the twin brother who are living next door to them.

August 29th - Kidnapped by a Girl Gang:  Poor Wesley.  He finally gets the Banshees off of his back and moves right into the cross hairs of a far more dangerous criminal enterprise.  Will Wesley survive with his manhood in tact? 

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