Saturday, November 1, 2014

Deserving of Forced Feminization?

Mindi made a very interesting comment about Halloween Humiliation.   She said, "This was a fun story! These sissies deserved their fate."

I think in a lot of cases, my sissies do deserve what happens to them.  A lot of my stories revolve around a wronged woman who gets her revenge by feminizing a guy.  I would say the only innocent guys in my story so far are:

Reprogrammed: He didn't do anything to deserve it.
Doubling Down: The girls could have just told the twin brothers to turn down their music.
Blind Date: His only real crime was being a very tiny guy going out with an Amazon.

You could make a case that in Welcome to College, Kylie didn't deserve it.   As I discuss things with Deanna, I don't think my feminization was feminist payback the way I originally felt it was.  I think in the case of the Kylie in the story, he deserved at least the initial payback.

Is it important that the guy deserve his treatment?  The story that I'm currently writing is going to be called French Exchanged and the victim is totally innocent of wrongdoing, but he still becomes a target for a very devious and clever woman who leads him to tremendous humiliation.  I think I've seen forced feminization stories take so much heat over on Fictionmania that I just decided when I started writing it myself that it was absolutely necessary for the punishment to fit the crime.  As I am approaching my thirtieth story written, I don't feel that way.  I want to tell the occasional story about a woman who is evil or maybe just selfish and feminizes guys who in no way deserve it. 


  1. Thanks for taking my comments into your blog discussion.

    I think forced feminization stories can be enjoyable whether (former) male is deserving or innocent. Many men force or coerce sex from women. It's OK for some gender payback!

  2. I Agree with Mindi! It is a Delight to see Women taking Revenge on macho Males by feminizing them!!!!