Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Girls Washroom Part 5 (Conclusion)

Eric could only inch his way forward with the mermaid tail and the ropes that Brandy had tied holding his ankles together close.  By this time, the glue had surely set so even if he could somehow reach the scissors, he would not be able to undo it.  The ridiculous act of inching himself along the ground was further hindered by the heavily decorated handcuffs, which held his wrists too close together to really get the leverage to push himself very far.  The cuffs looked silly with all the seashells, but they were most definitely real police style handcuffs that would be impossible to wiggle out of.

Moving to the supply closet in the back of his room, where he wouldn't be visible to anybody passing to the hallway, Mr. Watkins put down a large pink striped shopping bag. He put his hands in his head and could see his career flashing before his eyes.  It would be terrible enough to be out of his job before he was twenty-four years old, but even worse because it would surely be all over the newspapers and television.

Tricia drove the mile to Eric's house in record time.  Every moment would count here.  On the way, Allie placed one of the pictures of Eric kissing Charlie that she had printed out from her phone inside a mermaid themed picture frame.

"That'll be perfect for his nightstand," she smiled.

"We have a lot to do.  I don't even know how we're going to get the bed outside," confided Star.

"Oh, I think I have an idea," said Allie pointing out four athletic college aged guys playing basketball in the street.

"Nice," said Brandy.

"Can you help us with something guys?" asked Tricia as she stopped the car.  "My little cousin loves mermaids and we're decorating her room, but we need one bed taken out and another put in its place.  Can you help us?"

"I thought the Kumanoupas family lives there," said one of the players suspiciously. "Isn't Emily a little old for mermaids?"

"Right," agreed Tricia, "my cousin...uhm Ariel is going to be moving in for the summer."

Looking up at the three beautiful girls, the guys had no choice, but to give into their biological urges to serve them.  They happily helped the girls move all of the mermaid stuff from Star's SUV into the house and to move corresponding items out of Eric's room.

"Wow, your cousin must really love mermaids," noted one of the guys.

"Oh yeah, she has a mermaid tail costume and everything," responded Allie.

"Are you sure you want us to just haul the dresser out to your car.  It's still all full of clothes," asked a puzzled basketball player moving half the dresser.

"Yeah, they're old boy clothes.  Our cousin won't be needing those with all the pretty things she has to wear now," replied Brandy.

As the players went back to resume their game after being thanked with smiles and hugs from the girls, the conspirators began their part in the redecoration.  Allie began going through his bedroom and bathroom changing small things.  She put the picture on the night stand, replaced his toothbrush with a mermaid one and replaced his lampshades. 

At the same time, Brandy was loading his new mermaid themed dresser with a wide variety of the lingerie that they would expect him to wear to school for the rest of the school year as well as a pink mermaid sleep shirt for bed time.     

Tricia meanwhile went straight to his computer.  She gave his desktop a mermaid thing and then hacked into his social media accounts.  It was nice of him to have his passwords saved.  Not having to hack them sure saved time on her end.  Unfortunately, for Eric she was changing his passwords as she went after changing his avatar and screen name and posting the pictures from this afternoon's adventures. 

The last thing she did was to install a program she had written based on a rather common virus.  This one would play sissy porn at random intervals while the computer was on.  She laughed thinking of how awkward it could be for him before he realized that he had a virus. 

Together, the girls strung up a cargo net, which they filled with stuffed animals appropriate for life under the sea.  A stuffed crab, starfish, and blowfish were left for the bed.  Once the girls had finished placing the appropriate sheets, pillowcases, and comforter on the new oyster shaped bed, they had a room fit for any nine year old girl who was obsessed with mermaids.

"It's a shame we don't have time to paint it a nice pink, maybe with some starfishes," said Allie.

"Maybe next time his parents go out of time," smiled Tricia.

"Hello?  Eric, is that you?" called the girl's voice from downstairs.

"Oh shit! I bet that's Emily," said Brandy in hushed tones.  "What do we do?"

"We're screwed," said Tricia.

"Hey, is that Emily?" called Allie who used the same friendly voice she used with her nieces and cousins.

"Who are you?" called the girl from downstairs.  "What are you doing here?"

"We know your brother from school," said Allie wincing as she heard the girl climbing the stairs.

"Are you friends of his?" asked Emily from the landing.

"Not exactly," said Allie finally able to make eye contact. "We know him though.  You're his little sister, right?"

"Yeah," she said. "You don't look like a burglar.  Where's Eric?"

"He's still at school I think.  How old are you?"

"I'm twelve," she responded.  "What's with all the questions?"
"We did some things Eric isn't going to like," said Allie opening the door and showing Emily the room.  

"Oh wow!  He's going to flip," said Emily opening the door.

"These are my friends Brandy and Tricia," said Allie warmly.  "Eric picked on my little sister and Brandy's brother.  He's not very big, but he likes to be a bully."

"Yeah, he's broken my toys on purpose and he'll hold me down and tease me," sighed Emily ruefully.

"Would you like to get back at him?  You could help us," asked Brandy warmly.

"Yeah," smiled Emily.  "You mean the room?  What's left to do?"

"Well, can you tell your mom and dad that he did it himself?" asked Allie.

"My parents would never believe me.  That'd be really weird for Eric," replied Emily.

"Do you follow him on Facebook? If you check out his page, you'll find some posts bragging about how he's going to make his room the way he always wanted it," smiled Tricia.

"Hmm, I might be able to convince them with that," said Emily giggling.

"This is for Eric," said Allie handing the little sister an emerald green backpack with a mermaid embroidered on the back.  "Can you tell him, he's to carry this to school everyday and start using the notebooks and pens inside?"

"Yeah, that's great," said Emily beside herself with laughter.

"Tell here there's a handcuff key inside the side pouch as well as acetone for the zipper," added Allie.

"Handcuffs?" asked Emily wide-eyed.

"Yeah," smiled Brandy. "Also, feel free to call him Ariel. That's Eric's new name."

"This is so sweet!" said Emily excitedly, but then changing expression shook her head saying, "If I called him that, he'd beat the crap out of me."

"Emily, tell your mermaid of a brother that if he so much as looks at you funny, you will tell us and what we did to him will be nothing compared to what we'd do to him," said Allie.

"In fact, tell him that if he disobeys you in any way, whether it's cleaning your room, putting on fashion shows to amuse you and your friends, doing your chores, or driving you to the mall, we will hear about it and he'll regret it," said Brandy.

"Oh wow!  Thanks," said Emily.

Emily hugged her new friends and they parted laughing.  They decided to go hang out at Tricia's place until Ashleigh called them.


Ashleigh snapped another picture with her cell phone.  She had so many great shots already from her position in the front row of his Spanish class room.  On all fours on top of his desk was Craig Watkins.  Craig wore a glamour length blonde wig and was clad in baby blue baby doll with lacey white frill.  He had removed his body hair in the supply closet, while he waited for Ashleigh and his now smooth legs were encased in baby blue fishnets that were attached by a matching garter belt under his g-string panties visible now beneath the white ruffled bottom of his baby doll.   His heavily lipsticked mouth smiled for the camera.

"Good girl.  Now put your left leg up in the air behind you," ordered Ashleigh.

"Don't you have enough pictures?  Someone is going to this," whined Mr. Watkins.

"Cynthia!" snapped Ashleigh giving her teacher's ass three hard strikes with his yardstick. "When I give you an order, I expect it carried out.  Not questioned."

"I'm sorry, Mistress Ashleigh.  It won't happen again," he sniveled.

"See that it doesn't.  Besides, if a janitor walks in on us or something, I'm sure you can come to an understanding with him.  Who doesn't want free blow jobs," teased Ashleigh.


The half dozen freshmen girls on their bikes were startled by the car horn.  Looking back, they couldn't get a clear view through the windshield, but it was pretty clear the blonde woman in the Chrysler Grand Voyager meant business.  They were only having fun teasing the boy who was dressed like a mermaid as he crawled through the parking lot, but somehow they knew the dean wouldn't see it as harmless.  They decided to speed off on their bikes.

A few moments later, Craig Watkins stepped out of his car and bent over to help his feminized student to his feet and into the back seat of his 4x4.  The big tail made it quite a challenge to fit him in even a big vehicle.

"Why are you dressed like that, Mr. Watkins?" asked Eric so ashamed of his own predicament that he hadn't even asked until he was safely inside and being driven home.

"The same reason you are, Eric.  Ashleigh left me my keys and took my clothes and my wallet," sighed Mr. Watkins.

"Why do they do these things?"

"It's what girls like that do.  Do you know about the farmer and the viper?"

"No, I don't think so," responded Eric.

"It's a really cold winter and this farmer is outside and he finds a poisonous viper.  He sees the poor thing shivering and he puts it under his coat to warm it up.  The warmth of the coat revives the viper that then bites the farmer who rescued him and kills him."

"So we're the farmers?"

"Heigh-ho, the derry-o, kid."

"That sucks...I mean stinks.  So what do we do, Mr. Watkins?"

"We try stay out of the viper's way. You had a really bad experience, but it's all over now. I just have to live under their thumbs for about a month," he replied reassuring himself as much as Eric.  "Then this will be over like a bad dream.  You're going away to college, right?"

"Yes, I got accepted into DuPont."

"Excellent," smiled Mister Watkins as he parked the car in front of Eric's place with thirty-five minutes to spare before his parents were due home.  "It'll be better.  It's not like they'd let away with letting girls dress up and humiliate guys at a prestigious school like DuPont College."

"I guess not," agreed Eric as Mr. Watkins hoisted him from the truck and carried him up to his front porch.

"Oh no, Eric!" cried Emily as she held the door open for her brother and his lingerie clad teacher.

"It's not what it looks like," said Mr. Watkins trying to be reassuring.  "Is there anything else I can do, Eric?"

"I've got him," replied Emily. "I hope I have you when I get to high school.  You look very pretty."

Craig Watkins blushed, shaking his head and sighing as he headed back to his 4x4.  He just wanted to get home and put some clothes on before he practiced his makeup application as Mistress Ashleigh had demanded.

Inside the house, a panicked Eric set about trying to figure out how to get free and hide the evidence from mom and dad, "Emily, I need to get out of this crap before mom and dad get home.  You need to go into dad's workshop and get something that can cut me out of these handcuffs."

Emily smiled and just shook her head.   

"I warn you.  I will beat the living tar out of you if you don't get me something to remove these handcuffs!"

"Brother dear, we need to have a little chat," smirked Emily looking down at her older brother.  

The End


  1. Love where Ariel is planning to go to college. Calendar Girl part 2?

    And poor Cindy Watkins! "She's" too optimistic about the end of her torment.

  2. Oh that was fantastic sissy!! I love the pic especially!! Where did you retrieve that? I most certainly need one for my site!! Do reply in a timely fashion otherwise....:)

    1. Do you want to tell us what your site is, Ashleigh?

    2. Sweet Mindi-
      It is not so much "my" site as it does belong to all of us girls. It is our domination site that is targeted to all our b*t*ch's, slaves and sissies. The site has ways to "Always please your Mistress" which is our motto, sissy assignments that are requirements for those in training, whoreship center, gift lists, contracts, Mistress blogs featuring Trish (Star), Brandy (Diamond), Allie (Cherry) and myself (Aphrodite).

  3. I don't remember exactly where I got it from, but it was a teacher who posed in a British newspaper. I added the text myself and then used a free graphic program to erase any text covering her.