Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Girls Washroom - Part 2

"No, you can't do this to me," he cried thrashing around.  His flailing left arm caught Allie in the side of the head, which earned him a stinging slap on his left cheek that left a crimson handprint and along with the humiliation of the situation caused tears to well up in his eyes.  From behind him, Brandy grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

"Hold him still," barked Allie.

"I'm trying.  He's slippery," replied Brandy grabbing his left wrist.

"Relax," smiled Ashleigh pulling a roll of silver duct tape from a small plastic bag on the sink, "I always come prepared."

"No, get away from me," yelled the frightened boy as he tried to pull away from Brandy's iron grip.  Allie grabbed his left wrist and he was now trapped.  The girls turned him around and dragged him to the sink where they bent him over.  He couldn't see Ashleigh anymore, but Eric heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off of the roll behind him as Brandy and Allie twisted his arms behind his back and held them together.  He felt Ashleigh slapping the sticky tape on his left wrist and then felt her pull his wrists tightly together making his arms all but useless.

"No!" He screamed as Brandy pulled down his pants and then his boxer shorts. "Leave me alone you bitches!"

"The only bitch I see here is you, Ariel," responded Allie.

"He's sure hung like a bitch," said Brandy.  She pointed at the small dick hanging between his legs and pointed.

"Help!  Help!  I'm being assaulted in the girl's washroom!" He screamed as loud as he could.

"Oh no you don't," said Allie forcefully as she shoved his own boxers in his mouth packing his cheeks with the foul tasting cotton underwear.   Ashleigh slapped four pieces of duct tape over his mouth to secure the gag in place.  Eric found that all he could do now was make a low moaning sound no matter how hard he yelled.  Removing his shoes and socks was easy at this point.

The girls sat Eric down against the wall and Ashleigh wrapped his ankles together tightly. She then passed out pink razors to her friends and began lathering up the terrified boy's legs.  The three girls made short work of the limited body hair that Eric had, though they had to struggle to remove his underarm hair with his current bondage.

"Now comes my specialty," said Brandy looking at her victim with predatory eyes.  "I love a good sissy makeover." 

"We might as well paint his toes while we wait," suggest Ashleigh.  Eric struggled with his taped bonds, but couldn't budge.

Eric whimpered as her heard their voices approach.  Two girls were entering the girls' bathroom and they were talking and joking about some guy or another.  He recognized them as two girls that he was in several classes with.  Kimberly was a tall African-American girl who didn't pay him much attention, while the shorter blonde girl was her best friend Anya who was always being the class clown.  They both stopped in their tracks as they saw the sight unfolding by the sink.

"Kimberly, there's a naked boy in the washroom," said Anya in mock alarm. "Whatever shall we do?"

"Well, he's not much of a boy is he," replied Kimberly.

"Good point," agreed Anya moving in for a closer look and measuring with her thumb and forefinger.  "It's really rather sad that little nub is all he's managed to produce in 18 years."

"Hey girls, don't tell OK?" asked Allie.

"And spoil your fun?  We wouldn't dream of it," smiled Anya.

"Just make sure you take plenty of pictures of the final product," added Kimberly.

"You've got it," agreed Ashley laughing. "We'll definitely leave you some souvenirs."

The two girls finished up in the bathroom and left, but when Brandy returned to Eric's face, she found him more defiant than ever.  He refused to hold his head still and allow Brandy to continue with his makeup.

"I'll tell you what, Ariel.  If you cooperate and let me finish making you look pretty, then you can put on some clothes.  Otherwise, we're going to toss you in the hallway just as you are now.  It's your choice, you've got three seconds," demanded Brandy.

Eric looked into the cruel eyes of the girl who was smearing liquid foundation to his face and saw not a hint of mercy.  He knew that Ashleigh and certainly Allie would be no more compassionate, so resigned he nodded his head in frantic agreement.

The opening of the bathroom door again startled everyone.  This time, a waif-like girl with curly red hair stopped dead in her tracks and stammered, "Oh my God!"  She immediately turned tail and took off running.

"I wonder what that was all about?" laughed Allie as she continued to blow on her plaything's quickly drying hot pink toenails.

"That was Brenda Palmer and I wouldn't be surprised if she went to tell on us," said Ashleigh.

"Well we can't move him--not in time anyway," shrugged Brandy as she applied blush to the now compliant boy's cheek bones.

"What in the world is going on in here?" bellowed Mister Watkins a few short moments later.  He had the classroom closest to the girls washroom and Brenda must have made a beeline right to him.  He was a young good looking teacher; only twenty-three and fresh out of college, but being intimidated by teaching students as little as four years younger than himself, he had acquired quite a reputation as being a hard ass.  Allie and Brandy knew this well because he had written them up for cutting class on several occasions. "You girls think you're above the school rules and nothing applies to you, but so help me I am going to get you expelled.  I am sick of you picking on other students and terrorizing the boys because you think it's cute or funny!"
"We were just having fun," offered Ashleigh feebly. "Don't make a federal case out of it."

"I would expect this from these two bitches, but you are the captain of both the cheerleading and debate teams.  You could make something of your life.  Well, good luck with this on your record.  I will make it my business to make sure--"

He never saw it coming.  While he was venting at the girls, Allie had become quite angry.  He had no write to call them bitches.  He was a teacher and when anyone attacked Allie's friends, she was like a cornered tigress.  She had taken karate for years and was now a blue belt, she would have been a red belt except that one of those detentions from Mr. Watkins had forced her to miss her advancement test.  She couldn't herself.  She stepped up next to the furious teacher and hit him with a low kick hitting directly on his right calf and taking his feet out from under him.

"Allie!  Are you insane? He's a teacher!" cried Ashleigh.


  1. nicely written and am ready for more!

  2. LOL!!! Your so funny!! Awesome story again!

  3. Enjoyable piece of work sissy :)

  4. Loving this! She hit a teacher? Omg!

  5. Allie and Ashleigh huh? More than coincidence?

  6. Sweet! Don't stop dollface

  7. It's more than a coincidence. This story is based on a dream I had following a conversation with Allie and it's kind of an homage to those mean girls who terrorized boys like me growing up. Somehow, we never appreciate them at the time.

  8. Brandy too? Look at all the mean girls. No sissy is safe!