Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welcome to College News

I am 2,000 words into Welcome to College X, which could be called the end of the material.  I hinted at the end of the last Welcome to College book that after graduation we had one more experience dressing as girls and that was at Deanna's wedding.  If you enjoyed the first series, you'll see old characters again and a few new ones as well, as Kylie and Nicole go to a wedding with their mistresses.  It's been three years since dressing and meeting the expectations of the girls is not easy.

In the new year, I will be releasing Welcome to the Real World, which will be a fictitious series about Kylie's fiancee discovering his past a decade after college.  I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Finally, I have decided to take the Welcome to College anthologies off of Kindle select, but not the actual Welcome to College books.  The reason is that Amazon is paying $1.33 per borrow.  If you borrow the two anthologies, I make $2.66.  If you borrow the 9 books individually, I make just under $12.  That's a big difference for me without costing any customer more money. 

I hope you're having a great weekend.  My Christmas book is going to be coming out sometime on Friday.  It's called Gift Wrapped and I think you'll enjoy it.


  1. Hi Kylie, I'm looking forward to new installments of the Welcome to College series, and plan to get some of your other books soon, too! Sorry, I've been so busy lately that I've fallen behind with all the cool developments on this blog, but this is one of my favorite places online to visit! - Jenn

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for posting. As you and Mindi were my first two regular posters, I was hoping that I hadn't lost you. I always enjoy your insightful comments.