Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Girls Washroom Part 3

"Oh Hell," sighed Brandy. "She won't back down from anybody."

This was the moment that Craig Watkins had always feared.  He tolerated no insubordination from students because he feared what would happen if they noticed how vulnerable he really was.  He wasn't much older than they were and sometimes he even feared them.  He began to get up from the floor unhurt, but embarrassed that a little high school girl had knocked him on his ass.  Before he could get up of all fours, Allie grabbed his right wrist and twisted it painfully behind his back.  He landed hard on the cold tiled floor as her violent action destroyed his balance.

"Get off of me.  You're already looking at ten days suspension.  Do you really want to try for expulsion, Miss Hogan," asked the beleaguered teacher.  Snaking her other arm around his neck in a painful choke hold was her only answer.

"Girls, I need one of you to play with Ariel," said Ashley as she increased the pressure on the teacher's arm, pinning him to the floor.

"What?!" asked Brandy incredibly.

"Just do it," said Allie.

"Great, I'll add this to the report for the dean," groaned Mr. Watkins.

"I'll do it," said Ashleigh as the beautiful blonde reached her hand around Eric's tiny shaft.  Less than a minute later, he was sporting a raging hard on in spite of himself.

"OK, you can stop now," instructed Allie
"I'm sorry Ariel," shrugged Ashleigh giggling to herself.

"I'm about to scream and then you'll really regret it.  Let go of me this instant," demanded Mr. Watkins trying to act focused and stern in spite of his fear and humiliation.

"No, I don't think so.  I know you don't want anybody coming in here to see the little girl who is bullying you, Mr. Watkins," said Ashleigh.

"She's right Craigie that could be quite bad for your reputation." agreed Brandy.

Allie got to her feet, dragging her teacher forcefully to his knees.  She leaned over his back and forced him to shuffle in the direction of their prisoner.  Twisting his arm further up his back, she forced his head down until it was mere inches from Eric's erect penis.

"Get some photos of that please," said Allie and her accomplices began to snap away with their phones. "Now, open your mouth Craig."

"No!" he bellowed, but as Allie twisted harder, he soon had no choice and this new indignity was caught on firm.

"Now lick it," demanded Allie.  Reluctantly, he licked the tip of his penis as the girls immortalized it on camera.  Tears steamed down Mr. Watkins face.

"You may stop now Craig," said Allie releasing him by shoving him across the bathroom.

"Aw don't cry.  He's eight-teen.  Maybe the school board will understand," taunted Brandy.

Eric had enjoyed a brief respite from being the girls' target, but now he saw the teacher who tried to save him reduced to a blubbering wimp by these girls.  If Mr. Watkins couldn't stand up to them, what could he do?

"OK Craig, go outside and give us some privacy.  Stop your crying and be a good boy and nobody has to see those pictures.  Stand in front of the door and tell people the toilets are flooding, or somebody threw up, or I don't care what you say, but nobody comes through that door until we're done.  Do you understand me?" asked Ashleigh with a commanding voice that sent a shiver down his spine.

"Yes Ashleigh, I'll make sure nobody comes in here," he sniffled.

"Craig!" she snapped, "That's Miss Thomas."

"Of course Miss Thomas.  I'm sorry," he said begging for Ashleigh's forgiveness.  He stumbled out the door tripping over Eric's shoes.  The last thing he heard was the three girls laughing at him.

"Now, where were we?" asked Brandy as she approached Eric with tweezers.  His bushy ginger eyebrows were unflattering for feminization, but they provided her with a lot to work with.  She decided to pluck them not particularly thin, but in an overly arched style that appeared cartoony.  Next, she took cherry red lip liner, and applied it to darken Eric's eye brows using a matching red eye shadow to set the eyeliner. 

Brandy applied a primer on his eyes up to the brow line and under the eye lid as well.  She was going to have some fun with his eyes today.  She applied white eye shadow under the browline, lime green on the contour line and an envy green on the lid. blending the colors together.  The look she was going for was all about color, so she selected shadows that had a bit of shimmer glitter already added.   She used a concealer on the outside of the eyes to round the eye shadow to fit the eyebrow shape. 

Brandy took black eyeliner and traced the eyelid continuing to follow the rounded edge of the eye shadow to almost create a second set of lashes. Then she flecked on a gold eye liner close to the lash line. Black fiber lash mascara was applied to only his top eye lid so that she could line the bottom lashes with twenty-four hour cream gel teal eye shadow. 

"Wow, you're making him look like a mermaid," said Ashleigh in admiration.

"That is too cool," said Allie laughing at the boy's feminized face.  Eric could only shudder at the thought of what he must look like. 

For his lips, she applied a thin layer of foundation followed by a mauve matte lipstick.  She used a slightly darker lip liner to outline his lips.  She dipped her lip brush into liquid sugar and then into a bright mauve glitter.  She dabbed the lip brush onto his lips to make them sparkle and shine.  The girls "oohed" and "ahed" at his transformation.

Since Eric already sported long red hair, it was easy for Brandy to get the style that she wanted out of it. She curled his hair and used hair spray to create volume and to form large swooping bangs.  It took some doing to tease, pull, and push the hair into place to get just the right look she wanted, but once she clipped the hair over with a bobby pin, she was almost done.  She brushed the hair up from the bottom to provide volume and curled the hair bottom of the hair with the curling iron.  She finished her work by clipping a large white silk flower next to the bobby pin.

"She's a regular princess," said Ashleigh gleefully looking up from what appeared to be a long note she was writing in one of her notebooks.

"She definitely a beauty," agreed Brandy proud of the job she had done.

"You've had your fun.  Let me go," he complained unable to take his eyes off his own reflection once he was helped to his feet and shown himself in the mirror.  The suggestion of releasing him merely brought cackles of laughter from the girls.

"Let's get her into her clothes," insisted Allie.

"We're going to untie you sissy, but don't think getting thrown out in the hallway naked with your hair done and your makeup and nails looking fabulous is going to be any easier on you," warned Brandy as she began untaping their plaything.

"I'll try not to make it hurt," said Allie pulling the hair slowly from his wrists. He winced with each little tug on his skin.

Once he was untied, Allie pushed what little fat he had on his chest towards his sternum and held it there, while Brandy took the duct tape and attached it around his chest to hold the fat there.  Brandy strapped a padded lilac push up bra around his chest and he was amazed.  It looked as if he had boobs of his own.  They were barely a B Cup, but they were still his boobs.  Using makeup, Brandy contoured and highlighted his chest to give the appearance of very full breasts.  Eric couldn't help, but look down at his own cleavage even as he stepped into the thong panties that matched his bra.

Allie had insisted on pantyhose, even though she thought thigh highs were sexier.  Eric wasn't the first guy they had done something like this to by a long shot and she knew a lot of guys hated the feeling of pantyhose over their scrotum.  She was always finding little ways to make things more uncomfortable or more humiliating for the boys that they tortured.

After carefully following Allie's directions, he pulled the nude pantyhose up his legs and admired their sexy smoothness.  His erection was starting to return, but he was desperate that the girls not find out.  Ashleigh brought over the emerald green dress and made the trapped sissy step into it.  She noted that the v-neck displayed just the right amount of Eric's cleavage to be both sexy and convincing.  The size 6 cocktail dress ended three inches above the knee and had ruching running from his breasts to about half a foot from the hemline. 

"You are going to have all the boys drooling," said Ashleigh as she zipped him up being sure that he could see himself in the bathroom mirror. 

Allie made him step into a pair of black leather size 9 peep toe platform pumps.  The front of the shoe was a metallic teal that complimented the dress beautifully.  While the heels were four and a half inches, about an inch of that was platform.  She firmly strapped him into the shoes while Brandy sprayed him with perfume and attached white starfish earrings to his ears.  Allie had pierced them two years ago and though the holes had closed up, Brandy found just the spot.  She placed a coral colored pearl bracelet on each wrist and declared her masterpiece complete.

"These shoes are too tight," whined Eric.

"You'll get used to them.  We all have to suffer for beauty," replied Allie.

 "I can't walk in them."

"Well, I'll show you, but after that, you're on your own," said Allie giving an exaggerated walk to show her novice apprentice just what to do.  He tried to copy her hips sway and the feminine way that she placed her feet down.  He was clumsy, but he was improving quickly.

"OK, we need to get to class," said Ashleigh opening the door and holding it for her friends.  Mr. Watkins did a double take when he saw the feminized boy emerging from the washroom, but was soon brought back to Earth by Ashleigh handing him a note.

"What's this?" he asked waiting for a response before catching himself and adding the obligatory, "Ms. Thomas."

"It's your instructions Craig.  Follow them to the letter.  I'll be by your room after cheerleading to check," warned Ashleigh.

Mr. Watkins and Eric made eye contact.  It wasn't sustained.  Truth be told, it was rather sheepish.  They both were in for one of the most miserable days of their lives and they couldn't seem to stop it.  They nodded to each other in mutual sympathy before Mr. Watkins was allowed to return to his classroom and Eric followed their girls in the direction of his next class.  The test that had been so important was no longer something he even thought about instead it was all the stares he was getting as he was marched down the hallway that occupied his mind.


  1. goddess it took you long enough but great job

  2. Sweet makeup skills you have there Kylie!!

  3. Describing and applying are two different thinks, but I had an excellent beauty consultant.

  4. Great story so far, and very good illustrations. Made it easy to visualize poor Ariel's look.

  5. Thanks, I got some makeup advice from Brandy who is a wiz with the brushes and powders and I also followed some Youtube tutorials on the makeup and hair for Ariel. A lot of times, when I write around an outfit or shoes, I'll try and find an outfit online and use it as a guideline, so I thought I'd share them with you. As you know, I'm currently finishing up my next eBook, but there's just one more chapter to go in the saga of Ariel and the girls. Hopefully, I can get it up this weekend.

  6. Awww aren't you such a dollface