Sunday, November 30, 2014

Help! I'm Addicted to Stock Photos

All my life, I've struggled with anything artistic.  I draw at about the same level as a below average eight year old, my penmanship sucks, and my poor fine motor skills made it take about twice as long to learn to do my own makeup as it took Nicole.  I do not think this is the reason that I am selling eBooks instead of operating on people, however.

On the day before Thanksgiving, I did something different.  I've always bought stock photos for my books from sites using credits.  When you do that, the few pictures you use in a cover, the better.  This time, I took advantage of a Black Friday sale and I bought a month subscription to Deposit Photo.  Now, I get 5 pictures every day and if I don't use them, they go to waste.  The result is the covers that I posted.   Now, there's some obvious duplication.  I really doubt that I need three reunion stories for instance.  However, it's been interesting to play with and I do feel that I've gotten a lot better as a cover artist.  Some of these covers actually look like book covers. 

Since a striking book cover is key to selling an eBook, I must ask if any of these covers particularly appeal to you.  Let me know if there's one or two that jump out.  If so, I'll make sure that I find a book to use the cover on.


  1. Sissy, it means little where you retrieve the photographs from. Your talent as an artist and the way you advertise yourself is what sells. You are not obligated to do as I command since you belong to my friend however, I will offer you some advice or feedback or however your sissy mind would like to take it.....Speaking as a professional, none of the above photographs you have required appeal to me. They all come across as a comic series and nothing sells better then "sex appeal." Your above photographs look fake and not realistic and most desire the fantasy but they fall in love with the reality. Ask your Mistress sometime why I am known as the Angel and maybe that will assist you your future sells.

  2. I totally get what you're saying. However, let's face it, most stock covers are meant for really boring business uses. There are very few that are even slightly useful for erotica covers and even less if you don't want to just put a hot model on the cover. If you want it to in some way reflect the content of your book and you aren't a great artist, you're even more limited.

    You say "most desire the fantasy and then fall in love with the reality." I think you're right. In my case, I hope that they will have their curiosity piqued by the cover, but it's the content inside that will determine whether the book works or not. I'm in no way a professional or even a very skillful artists, but I do think I'm getting better at making covers that look like book covers.