Sunday, April 21, 2019

One more for the Road

I didn't believe that it could possibly be the title, but that was why The Spy who Pegged Me was resigned to the adult dungeon by Amazon. After making many changes, we finally tried a new title One more for the Road and Amazon removed it from obscurity.  The problem is, it's very difficult to see a new book that's already 10 days old. It doesn't start at the top of the page for Amazon and just in case anybody missed it, I wanted to mention it again. 

Pamela likes my  Jaguar stories which are inspired by the pulp magazines of the thirties and forties and she decided to try something similar with British spy novels of the 60s. Emma Adams is a former MI6 agent turned librarian who takes jobs using her old skills when it suits her fancy. In this story, she cleans up a rowdy bar and gives the repugnant Jolly Goodcock a pegging he'll never forget.

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