Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Spy Who Pegged Me too Hot for Amazon

Our new writer Pamela Harlow just learned what a fickle mistress Amazon can be when The Spy who Pegged Me wound up in Amazon's adult dungeon. I'm really not sure why that happened. The cover isn't terribly explicit and I don't think of the book's content as crossing any particular lines.  Hopefully, I'll find out on Monday and Pam and I can make whatever changes are necessary to get found on Amazon.

The Spy who Pegged Me is the story of a former British spy who now works as a librarian. She is hired by a group of barmaids to clean up one of the rowdiest bars in the UK where they are constantly being grabbed and harassed. We will get it cleaned up, but if you want to see what Amazon doesn't want you to, you can check out The Spy who Pegged Me here.

[Update: The name has changed to get on the good side of Amazon censors. The books is now live under the name One more for the Road.]


  1. Hmm, only thing that stands out for me is the name Jolly Goodcock, but I can't see that flagging it. Maybe one of the keywords ran afoul of the great and mighty Zon?

    Regardless, sounds like a great read. I love the sexual innuendo of the old Bond movies, and the Emma Peel costumes from The Avengers. My first fetish crush, in fact. :)

  2. It's not the mention of Jolly Goodcock in the description? I resubmitted with a new description.