Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Only: Free Book

The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu is a series of books that I've put out about a fraternity that has been completely taken over by the Delta Omicron sorority.  The girls assure that only the biggest assholes, most sexists pigs, and most obnoxious jerks are pledged.  They boys soon find themselves on a three and a half year journey of feminization, female domination, and humiliation as the sorority girls keep the boys on a tight leash.

Matt, whose pledge name is Candy, is a legacy.  His older brother Davis was the President of the fraternity who sold out to the Delta Omicron girls.  The problem is, he's not a jerk nor a sexist and he's generally a nice guy.  Now he finds himself aware that the girls are running the show.

When Candy's older brother finds that his brother is in the same spot, he tries to help.  He sends him a mysterious birthday card with cryptic clues months from his birthday.  Can Candy discover what conspiracy he faces and how to stop it before he's feminized for good?

Pick up a free copy of Alpha Theta Nu 3: The Book of Davis, for free on Amazon on Monday, May 25th only. 

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