Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two Forced Feminization Reviews

I was a reader of forced feminization erotica long before I wrote word one.  Unfortunately, it's been harder and harder to come by lately.  Fictionmania has very little in the genre and some of the readers like Lily Lace and Ann Michelle who got me into reading feminization eBooks on Amazon are far less prolific.  I'm really hoping Mindi from this very blog will go forward with her plans to start publishing in the genre because we need more good writers.

When two great new feminization short stories come out in the same week, that's something to be celebrated.  I devoured eagerly through both books and wanted to share my review with readers of the blog.  I assure you, if you enjoy my writing, you'll enjoy both of these works.

The Model Sissy by Crystal Summers feels a lot like one of my stories.  I'm not saying this as a put down.  In fact, I think if you like what I write, you will really love what she does with this tale of pompous male model who gets poetic justice from his fiancee and a photographer whose career he ruined.  The plot revolves around getting him to model female clothing in an ad campaign that seems very far fetched, except I remember a similar ad in the real world where a guy wore a bra with the idea that if it made him look that good, what could it do for you?  Of course Joe Namath also had a famous pantyhose ad along similar lines.  This was not a perfect story and it didn't really break new ground, but it was a very enjoyable read with some exquisite humiliation.  I give it a 93 out of 100.

Before reviewing Alyssa Paige's newest story, I must confess that she and I communicate frequently and have even discussed possibly collaborating on a story this summer.  I generally like all her work, but some of it is better than others -- just like every author from Shakespeare to me.

The Shaming of Kyle Part 6 is one of the steamiest forced feminization stories I've ever read.  It's basically two pegging scenes, one in front of a handful of women that the protagonist has lusted after and the second one of the more private variety.  It makes a great jumping on point because it is largely sex, but this series definitely has a plot and that plot is again just deserts for a guy who truly deserves his humiliation and feminization. 

Serial fiction can be challenging because you need to pace not only for plot, but for erotic content.   No matter how sexy book 9 is, if the first 8 are all setup, nobody will get that far.  On this, I felt Alyssa could have done a bit better.  I would have liked to see the sex spread a bit more evenly. 

I also find writing sex scenes to be a real challenge.  Can you make it steamy and still move the plot forward, reveal new depths to the characters, and evoke the passion that you want in the scene?  In this Alyssa excels.  Her text shows a man degraded, emasculated, and simultaneously loving it and deeply ashamed to be enjoying himself.  I give The Shame of Kyle Part 6 a solid 95.  I promise I am not the Kyle in this story :)

If you like my stories, give both of these new works by terrific feminization authors a try. 

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