Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thank You Canada

One drawback of selling my books through an giant anonymous website like Amazon.com is that I don't get to interact with most of the people who buy them.  I don't even know who is buying what.  One exception is that rare day when somebody in a country where you don't do a ton of sales (for me that's anywhere but the US or UK) buys a bunch of your books.  It really stands out on your sales chart.

On May 3rd, I was having a very slow day when I thought I'd check sales once before bed.  I was so glad I did.  That day somebody in Canada bought 41 of my books right before I went to bed.  It was a high compliment to me that they liked what I was writing enough to buy just about everything I had written.  It also made me wonder who the buyer was and what it was that sold them.  I love hearing from people what they like about my books because it tells me what needs to be emphasized in order to keep their interest.  Honestly, my content is probably swayed more by my loudest fans than by sales.

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