Sunday, May 24, 2015

Round Robin Writer Feminization


I am thrilled to announce that there is more free forced feminization fiction coming to this very blog.  If you read this blog, you should know who Alyssa Paige is. She's a very gifted writer of feminization erotica and a friend of this blog.  She's writing some of the steamiest feminization out there with stories like The Shaming of Kyle and Feminized by the Pop Star

Someone you may not know is Mindi Harris, but if you enjoy feminization you'll be getting to know her quite well in the coming months.  Mindi has been one of my two main proofreaders this year and the person proofreading my Alpha Theta Nu books.  Mindi has also been this blog's most prolific poster.  Look for Miss Management 1 coming from her creative mind very soon.

I had the bright idea last week of starting a round robin feminization write.  We would alternate writing 500 word segments and when it was your turn, you would have to build on whatever was there already.  Your fellow writers might destroy the subplot you were setting up or take things in directions you never expected.  When we all had five cracks at it, we'd have a 7500-8000 word short story.

To make things more interesting, I chose to get a random start for the story.  I went to a writing website and got Ice Cream Parlor as a random location and "The Ferrari screeched to a halt" as my opening line.  I hope you enjoy our experiment.

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