Saturday, May 30, 2015

32 Flavors Part 3

Part 3

Kevin wondered what she could possibly lend him to wear, but his curiosity didn't last long. Tina sauntered sexily over to a row of lockers, deftly turned her combination lock, and pulled the locker door open. She quickly removed Kevin's phone, wallet and keys, and threw his dirty khakis into the bottom of the locker.
"Hey! My pants!" Kevin complained.
"Aww don't worry, I told you I've got something you can borrow," Tina said as she pulled out a pink striped shopping bag and a beach bag, slammed the locker door shut, and spun the lock. She was positively giddy, feeling a growing warmth between her legs.
She crossed the room and tossed the shopping bag to a confused Kevin. He got angry when he opened it to find a hot pink lacy thong and bra inside. "What am I supposed to do with these?" he snapped.
"Duh! Wear them!" Tina said. She laughed, moved in closer, and took the bag back as Kevin sputtered. Then, she held out the thong for Kevin to step into. When he hesitated, she slapped his ass and said, "I know you've been aching to get into my panties. Now get in them!"
Kevin blushed deeply, looked around the room to reassure himself they were alone, and gingerly stepped into the ultra feminine garment.
Tina pulled it up around his waist, making sure the thong fit tightly over his tiny cock and smirked, "there, that wasn't so bad. Now for the bra."
"Wait what! Why would I wear a bra?"
"Because I'm telling you to, and you agreed to do what I say," Tina said rolling her eyes. She stretched the bra around Kevin's slim chest, spun him around, and closed the clasp behind his back declaring it, "a perfect fit! Now put on the rest of your little outfit."
She handed Kevin the clothes she'd brought to wear to the gym, and giggled at him when he gaped at them. "Get dressed," she said, and started punching the screen of an iPhone 6, showing no doubt he'd obey.
Soon, Kevin was wearing Tina's brand new sexy lingerie under her cute pale pink sweat suit. She made him put on her footie socks and her metallic pink Vans athletic shoes. Smiling widely she said, "This is great! All my clothes fit you perfectly."He felt totally humiliated and  emasculated, but Tina never felt more empowered.
When Tina said, "O.K. Princess, time for your makeover," Kevin felt almost powerless to resist. She brushed off his weak protests saying, "You're almost famous, if you go out like that, someone will recognize you. Do you want to be the lead story on the evening news? 'Successful businessman gets in touch with his inner girl?'" Without waiting for an answer, she pulled her makeup kit out of the beach bag.
Kevin gasped at thought of Jennifer Tyson, a local TV reporter, catching him dressed as a gym bunny. She'd been popping up everywhere, relentlessly pursuing him for an interview. As her persistence became more annoying, he'd threatened call the police on her for stalking him. He thought, "If she sees me like this... Oh Lord! That would be devastating."
He slowly sunk into a chair, and sat motionless as Tina began applying makeup. She spread foundation over his face, then made up his eyes using pale and brighter shades of pink shadow, framing them with black eyeliner and mascara. She deftly brushed rosy blush on his cheeks, and coated his plump lips with shiny, girly lipgloss the color of cotton candy. She teased his long hair into a trendy style, and sprayed it with volumizing mousse.
"Looking gooood, girlfriend," Tina said, "but there's something missing. Hmmm...." She grabbed two handfuls of tissues, stuffed Kevin's bra, and pronounced him ready for their date.
"Tina no!" Kevin was horrified, "I'm going to swing by my place, change, and...."
"Uh-uh, cutie. There's no time and you never looked better."
"No way! Absolutely not! I look ridiculous!" Kevin said, and Tina almost expected him to stamp his foot like the teen queen he resembled.
"Yes way, Katina," she smiled. "First of all, you promised to do as I said. Second, you look sexy," she said, holding up the phone and displaying picture after picture of him in just the lingerie, getting dressed in the pink ensemble, and fully made up.
She continued, "Third, this is your phone. I changed all your email, Facebook, and Twitter passwords, and set these pics to go live every 10 minutes. Unless you do as I say, they'll go to all your followers and contacts, including your family, business, and media lists."
Kevin was stunned. He'd be a laughing stock. His business associates would never respect him again. He'd be ruined!
Seeing his horror, Tina laughed and squeezed his butt saying, "Don't worry girlfriend. It'll be our little secret, as long as you obey me." She sprayed him with Britney Spears' Circus, fluffed up his hair and said, "Now let's get to the club, the boys are waiting for us."

[This part of the story was penned by Mindi Harris.  You can get her debut feminization short story Miss Management at Amazon.]

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