Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trial of a Feminizer

 It was a scandal that rocked a nation.  Clad only in lingerie and heels, a sissy escaped his mistress and ran straight into a police station.  He told an amazing story of being kidnapped and feminized by a dominatrix by the name of Ava Hendrix.  She was arrested and that's where our story picks up.

Paula Yee is a very successful young attorney with the difficult task of defending Ava who doesn't always follows her advice and seems to be using her time on the stand to brag about her misdeeds.  The result is intense humiliation for the unfortunate sissy and the sexiest courtroom drama that you have ever read.

I am really proud of Trial of a Feminizer, which admittedly does go down some familiar fetish ground, but does so in a new and original way that I have never seen elsewhere.

Here's a sample:

Thirty minutes later, Mike and Melanie emerged from the changing room. Mike was now completely gone and in his place was his feminine alter ego, Michelle. He stumbled forward not because of the height of his heels, but because of the erection rapidly growing between his legs. Melanie quietly laughed to herself because she could already see he was flushed and his breathing was becoming shallow.

As Mike entered the courtroom, an audible gasp went up from the jury and the spectators. They had never expected that he would make such an attractive woman. He wasn't just passable, he was definitely very sexy, and he carried himself exactly like the woman he appeared to be.

"Order," called the judge smacking his gavel down in irritation at the noise from the audience. "Order in the courtroom please."

Ava Hendrix smiled a grin that would have made the Cheshire cat proud; everybody in the jury had to have seen. The formal courtroom setting only added to Mike Ray's discomfort and innate timidity. He was always utterly delicious when he was dressed like this, but his obvious fear made him even more delectable. Ms. Hendrix wanted nothing more than to stuff a ball or even a penis gag between his two scarlet lips, securely tie his wrists behind his back, clip a collar and leash around his neck so that she could walk him around the courtroom and there would be no absolutely doubt what he was, and who he belonged to.

"Wow! You really do look fabulous," exclaimed Ms. Yee looking at the now undeniably sissified witness. "But are you sure that you're not turned on at all, by dressing that way?"

"N-no, no I’m not, of course I’m not," stammered Ray, in a breathy feminine voice.

"May I remind you, Michelle that you are still under oath?"

"I know," he said pathetically. "It, it really doesn't turn me on." He was almost pleading with her to believe him, to make himself believe it.

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