Sunday, May 31, 2015

32 Flavors Part 4

Tina led her embarrassed escort through the ice cream parlor, which was still mostly empty.  His eyes locked with Rob who chuckled to himself and shook his head.  He had never expected Tina to humiliate Kevin, but he wasn't surprised either.  It wasn't easy to say no to Tina.
Kevin had expected to hear a whole lot of crude comments and laughter from the kids hanging outside the ice cream parlor, but they seemed to ignore him.  A few called out to Tina, but they mostly ignored the new girl with her.
"See, you passed your first test," teased Tina.  "They just think you're any other girl."
"Fine," responded Kevin defensively. "Just give me the car keys so we can get out of here. I'll feel a lot safer."
"Nothing doing doll face, as long as we're together, I'll be doing the driving," said Tina laughing as she pulled out her car keys.
"It's my car and it cost me a bundle," replied Kevin petulantly.
"Great," beamed Tina. "I can't wait to give it a spin."
When Tina locked the door, Kevin got in, reluctantly at first, but then quickly when he realized the key to his freedom was on the car seat.  He managed to sit down to block the other phone from view and stealthily slide it up his pocket.
"Are we comfy?" asked Tina.
"This isn't what I meant by date," complained Kevin.  
"Aw, it's not so bad is it?" pouted Tina. "You're getting to spend the night with me, right?"
"Well, I do like that part, but this outfit is ridiculous," replied Kevin.
"Think of it as an extra little challenge," said Tina as she put the Ferrari in gear and squealed the tires as she raced out of the mall parking lot.  
"Where are we going?" asked Kevin.
"I thought we'd start out at Studio Berlin.  I always wanted to check that club out and you can afford it."
"Sure, I like that place and I won't be the strangest looking person there."
Tina was a decent driver and Kevin relaxed as she drove them.  She even found a parking space right down the street from the club.  If it had been a Friday or Saturday, there would be a huge line at the club, but tonight there was hardly a line at all.  They were soon allowed to go inside and join a few hundred of their closest friends. 
In the dark club with the pulsating synth pop music blaring, Kevin was able to get away from Tina.  She called his female garments a challenge so he could she complain about him overcoming that challenge.  He made his way to the back of the club and found what he hoped would be his salvation in a door to the alley that he saw an employee carrying kitchen waste through.  He lunged for the door and grabbed it, stumbling through.  The kitchen worker just shrugged and assumed that Kevin was some club girl sneaking off for a smoke.
Kevin took out his work cell phone and began the laborious process of dealing with Tina's blackmail on his social media.  He got lucky and managed to reach a customer service representative who took pity on him.  Tina had been clever enough to reset his passwords, but she had foolishly set them all to 1BigSissy.  Once he learned one password, he now had them all. 
As luck would have it, a couple of teenage skateboarders were walking down the alley. 
"Hey, do you smell?" called out Kevin.
"What the Hell?" asked one of the two boys who had his red hair in short dreadlocks.
"The only thing that smells are yuppy scum," replied his blonde friend.
"Look, I want to buy your clothes?" yelled Kevin.
"Get bent, you perv?" spat the red head.
"My friend tricked me into dressing in this and I...I'll give you $200 to switch clothes with me," pleaded Kevin as he grabbed four fifty dollar bills from the pocket in the back of his phone. 
"He just wants to see you naked, dude.  He's wearing makeup for God's sake," said the blonde kid.
"It's $200," replied the redhead yelling back to Kevin "Okay, I'll do it, but you give me your clothes first.  I want to make sure you're not just some pervert trying to see me naked.
"Fine, I don't see why you're giving me so much attitude.  This is the easiest $200 you'll ever make," complained Kevin as he stepped out of the top.  The boys got a strange look on their faces when they saw he was wearing a bra.  He quickly discarded that as well.  He tossed the pink top to the red headed teen and began to step out of the pants.  Unfortunately for Kevin, with his head looking at his feet he was completely unaware.

[Kylie's Note:  I got mean.  I thought Alyssa and Minid had contributed fine story sections, but I wanted to change things up just to make it more difficult for them.  I also wanted to leave poor Alyssa at a tough spot to continue.  I did boh things, but both Mindi and I got a bit carried away on our story length.  I hope you're enjoying this wild ride.]

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