Friday, May 22, 2015

Two New Feminization Reviews

I have a killer schedule as writers go.  I don't claim that I'm writing novels or even long short stories, but a book every two weeks is a rather ambitious schedule.  However, Alyssa Paige feels like she's surpassing my drive lately and it's wonderful to see a new more prolific Ms. Paige.

Alyssa doesn't disappoint either.  Chapter seven of her epic series The Shaming of Kyle has Kyle's neighbor Caitlin getting the lion's share of the page time as we learn that she knows Ashley and doesn't like her very much.  Caitlin decides to have some fun with Kyle and gives him a makeover, slaps a long blonde wig on him, and before long she has him grinding on a frat guy.

We also get a better feeling for Kyle's inner turmoil.  He wishes he had pursued Caitlin before she had so much power over him and he realizes that he is reveling in his own humiliation.

If I have one issue with this series, it's that it really feels like it would read better as one long novela.  Some parts have much more sex than others.  This chapter was very much the traditional sissy chapter as we see the total transformation and begin bringing the humiliation of male attention into things.  Still, Alyssa has outdone herself with this who series and I think this chapter is a five star part of a five star story.
Dominique Silk is a new feminization writer who broke onto the scene May 20th with two new short stories.  One of them was Making Her Husband Her Maid.  I hope these won't be the last two stories from her as she is clearly a talented writer.  I hesitate to complain too much about her work as it's selling better than mine at this time and she really does have so much potential, but the story had some failings for me.

Cameron is a jerk of a husband who seems to lack all redeeming qualities.  He fools around with the maid while his wife is away at work and the maid attempts to blackmail him. The wife walks in on the maid punishing Cameron and promptly kicks the maid out and continues his punishment herself.

There are some fun humiliating scenes, but I was looking for either some pure erotic bliss or some character change.  I wanted the wife to either grow up and find another guy or discover that she still loves her husband who realizes he's screwed up and will do anything to win her back.  Instead, I found a very promising story getting a bit stuck.  I give Ms. Silk a solid three and a half stars and hope that we have a new rising star on the feminization scene, but I felt this was an enjoyable, but mostly forgettable story.

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