Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview with a Feminizer Part III

Kylie: I've kind of come to the realization that one of the reasons this was so effective on me is that the butt kicking was emasculating, being tied up was emasculating, and obviously parading around in a dress and makeup was emasculating.  It all kind of worked the same thing.

Deanna: And you loved it.

Kylie: And, I grew to love it.   Amanda told me that the way you tied me up was called the Lark's Head Method.  Can you explain that?

Deanna: That sounds like a college band :).  I don't know anything about a method, but Amanda was the one who showed us how to tie you up.  Her big thing was just cinch the ropes or pantyhose or whatever.  I got to be pretty good at it as I remember lol.

Kylie: Well, you guys did practice.

Deanna: Once or twice in the beginning.  This wasn't basic training or something.  You were the first guy I ever tied up.

Kylie:  And the last?

Deanna: Nope lol,  a guy that is friends with Jim got drunk at a party and obnoxious so I did it to teach him a lesson.  It was actually pretty funny.

Kylie:  When did you decide to take my feminization so far?

Deanna:  From the beginning.  You actually kind of surprised us.  We were really impressed with how you looked from the start.

Kylie: Well, you all got me pretty darn passable.

Deanna: Are you still passable.

Kylie: I don't really know.  The last time I dressed up, you were there.

Deanna:  Well this is the perfect time with Halloween.  I want to know.

Kylie: I am curious, but I don't know.  I'm really only interested in being feminized if I have a woman forcibly controlling me.

Deanna: You mean like blackmail?

Kylie:  Blackmail, Bondage, Beat Downs---the big three.

Deanna:  So somebody who for instance can see your Facebook contacts and has a lot of pictures of you that you probably don't want them seeing, like from college for instance.

Kylie: Is this pity blackmail?

Deanna:  I told you I like the control.  Take it anyway you want, but I want to see some pictures of you dressed up by November 1st.

Kylie: I'll think about it.

Deanna:  You do that.  I've got some fun pictures of the two sissies together.

Kylie: I know you wouldn't do it.

Deanna: Maybe I wouldn't.  Do you want to take that chance?  It's up to you.

Kylie: We'll see.  I've got a theory that what happened to me in college couldn't happen today.  I think people are more supportive of LBGT people than they were even a decade ago.

Deanna: I'd like to believe that, but you still see some real cruelty.  If we did it now, we'd just have to make you admit you like it.

Kylie: I didn't even know I liked it in the beginning.

Deanna: Maybe you didn't, but we did.

Kylie:  What was the favorite thing you ever dressed me in?

Deanna:  My favorite thing you had to wear is your mom's wedding dress.  My favorite thing I helped dress you in was the Satine costume from Moulin Rouge. 


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Deanna sounds like an amazing lady, I wish there were more like her in the world!

    I hope I am not "over-commenting." I love this conversation you have been having with Deanna. There are certainly a number of us guys out here, I think, who secretly like this (but society does not approve of admitting it in public).

    I hope she gets more opportunities to tie up some guys!

    By the way, Deanna has a point - it would be very interesting to see how you would look dressed up on Halloween...!


    P.S. I'm really enjoying "Summer Reunion" too. :)

  2. You are not over-commenting. I just wish there were more people replying because it is hard to run a blog when you feel that you are the only one reading the page or paying attention to it. I think Deanna is going to get her way. My friend who I mentioned before who I called Oklahoma didn't think it was pity, but a desire to play. We'll see. One thing, Deanna reads this, so I don't want to say anything that will incriminate me.

  3. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you again for sharing these conversations!

    You sound like you have a very high level of empathy... that’s my impression from your writings. Eventually, a woman (maybe one of the ones you are talking to now) will realize that a guy with a high level of empathy is rare, and is also really a great catch! (I say this because this is my own experience, many women eventually realize what a great and rare thing that is.)

    Your fan,