Sunday, September 21, 2014

Calendar Girl Audio Book Update

This is a tentative cover.  I definitely welcome feedback.  Marami sent me another preview today and she's now recorded one hour and thirteen minutes of a book that should take a little over ninety minutes to listen to.  The deeper that she gets into the book, the better that it is.  I hear Jen give an order to Brandi and I feel a chill down my spine from the pure humiliation that she manages to emit in each syllable.  I think she's really got a lot of talent for this and I am extremely lucky that we connected to do this project.  I also asked her if the material bothered her and she surprised me by telling me that she really enjoyed it because the women were in charge for a change.  I hope that this might become only the first recording in a long and fruitful collaboration.  I do know that this will not be a great money maker for me because the cut is pretty small compared to an eBook, but it's still great to hear your words read back to you and I definitely want to make more.

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