Monday, September 15, 2014

My Feminizers: Some Relationships are Very Complicated

With Deanna back into my life, or at least on my Facebook wall, I've been thinking a lot about the girls who feminized me and I can say that those relationships are very complicated.  I have the utmost trust in here because she could unleash a string of pictures and possibly even videos of me in some of the most compromising positions possible.  If you read Welcome to College, you know what I'm talking about.  I have absolutely zero fear that she would ever do anything like that at all. 

The four girls who feminized me beginning freshman year and Sheila who joined in my sophomore year were my dominatrixes, my torturers, my pimps to some degree, and even my jailers.  However, they were also my best friends.  When I lost a grandmother while I was away at college, Amanda and Traci stayed up til three in the morning with me while I got drunk and weepy.  I cheered on Deanna on the softball field whenever I could.  Sure, they made me wear girl's clothes, but they didn't make me go to the field to root for her, I did that because I wanted to.  Amanda and I shared an amazing summer before we ever got to college and shared a lot more when we were there.  I knew they cared about me and that they would never intentionally put me in harm's way, I also knew that disobeying them was a foolish act that I'd soon regret.

I know that some guys would say, if they were your friends they wouldn't have feminized you in the first place, but frankly they weren't my friends before they did it.  All told, college was a very strange and very sexy time for me.  Now, that I have a way of talking to Dee, I hope to see if I can get some answers without peppering her with questions and staring her off.  I am really curious to see if she remembers how she tricked Nicole and I into wearing each other's favorite perfume and lingerie.


  1. Hi Kylie,

    I do hope that you can both fondly remember and reminisce about the "good times" you had back in those days!

    It's always important, I think, to think of the good things...

    Your fan,


  2. I really do think of college as a great experience. If I didn't, I wouldn't be writing forced feminization today. It was complicated though to have friends who at any moment could tell you to turn around and put your hands behind your back because they had a whim to restrain you.

  3. Hi Kylie,

    One thing I love about your writings is that you are very insightful... It's funny, because I think reading your works has helped me to learn about myself! (As well as being immensely enjoyable.)

    I hope that you and Deanna can build (or rebuild) a great friendship with each other...

    One thing I've wondered is, do you think you had any hidden desire to want to be feminized, before it happened to you?

    Another thing, which maybe you can't answer, is I wonder if you think any of your feminizers continued with their feminizing ways after college?

    I think you're an amazing human being, and I'm glad you're writing this blog and that you're writing your published works too!


  4. What a great thing to say. Thank you.

    I didn't have a hidden desire to be feminized in fact, I was terrified of it because I have very delicate features and I am not too big. I sometimes got mistaken for a girl when I was a kid so this was much too close to home. However, I did always have a thing for strong women even when I was a sexist--I know that's a weird combination.

    If anybody continued, it would have been Traci and Amanda. I always wondered if I was the first boy Amanda feminized. If you read Welcome to College, you know that they had a real program for how to do what they did to me and you don't just get that by accident. I have a feeling that Amanda probably had several boys terrorized back home lol. I'm hoping I can find out the answers to both those questions from Deanna.