Sunday, September 28, 2014

Consensually Non-Consensual Feminization

This is a tough blog post to make because I know that Deanna may well read my blog and I now have to speak about her.  She has indeed decided to blackmail me into crossdressing for Halloween.  Now, that does sound a bit worse than it is.   I had one of the few friends that I can talk to about this sort of thing (The girl I referred to previously as Oklahoma) tell me, "Let me get this straight, since we've begun talking you've whined to me that crossdressing wasn't exciting without a woman making you do it.  Now you want to whine that a woman wants to make you do it?"

When she put it that way, it made a lot of sense to me.  I have subsequently discussed it with a couple of dominant women who told me that it probably wasn't pity blackmail, but instead was a safe way for Deanna to play.  She had admitted to liking her power over me and college and missed having it.

By the same token, I'm not worried about her doing anything that would get me busted.  It does have the effect though of making the dressing up thing exciting and that's kind of cool.  Shopping again has me very nervous, but it hasn't been as bad in reality as I've made it in my mind.  I did have her keep me under "house arrest" -- my term not hers.  She said as long as I had everything I should get used to it and put everything on.  She then warned me that she could call me at any moment and if I took to long to send her a picture, she'd know I wasn't wearing my dress.  Mission accomplished. 

I don't know how long this will continue or if I will eventually post current pictures.  I feel like my old pictures give me three layers of security--1. I'm a decade older and I look it   2. I'm crossdressed    3. I put the mask over my face.   If I post new pics, I give up a layer of protection.  I may do something though. I don't look as good as I once did, but I don't look like an old hag or anything.


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Wow, Deanna sounds like a very strong-willed and also an amazing woman!

    I don't think you should be so confident that she won't show your old pictures - I've read "Welcome to College" so I know that there are a large number of extremely humiliating photos in her possession! It would only take one click of a mouse button for her to send them to all your family and friends!

    I think, for better or worse, obedience to Deanna is your only choice...

    Could you share more details? You said she has you shopping - what did you buy? Have you been practicing your makeup? Are your ears still pierced, so you can wear real earrings? Will your eyebrows need trimming to look good?

    Halloween is only a month away, so there is not all that much preparation time, especially since you'd be out of practice...

    Of course, regarding pictures, you should do what Deanna wants. I think sharing your pictures on your blog could be a great way to make things more exciting... And who knows, it could sell more of your fantastic books, too!

    She's obviously a very smart woman, to be able to feminize you from a distance like this!

    Your fan,


  2. I am not so sure on photos now, but details I can share. I've purchased my dress for the party as well as makeup and a few accessories.

    As far as my eyebrows--I don't have very bushy ones, but they're not plucked. I think a compromise might be possible to make them just a nudge more feminine without blowing my cover at work. My ears have long since closed up. I definitely will keep people up to date.

  3. Are you saying the lovely girl in all those photos is you, Kylie?

    She looks so feminine and not at all coerced or unhappy. So naturally at ease with her clothes and body language.