Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interview with a Feminizer Part 1

I mentioned a few days ago, that one of the women who feminized me in college had contacted me via Facebook.  I was happy to accept her friend request and that led us to an extended conversation that hasn't ended yet.  As it became clear to me, that she really enjoyed what happened and that found it at least somewhat sexually exciting, I confessed to her that not only did I write feminization fiction, but also that I wrote about our college adventures.  She was actually cool with it, saying that even in college, she thought I would be a writer.  She also agreed to let me post parts of our Facebook exchange on the blog.

Kylie: Thanks a lot for letting me do this.  I really was nervous bringing up the feminization to you for fear that you'd think I was a total perv.

Deanna: I don't judge that way.  Besides, we didn't give you much of a choice so if you had turned into some kind of psycho killer, I think I'd feel responsible.

Kylie: The first time I met you, I was wearing makeup and Amanda was painting my nails.  We were just about to go over to get breakfast and I was scared to death.

Deanna: Oh God, I do remember that.  I held your hand to make sure you'd come with us.

Kylie: How did Amanda tell you that she had a guy downstairs who was wearing makeup?

Deanna: I honestly don't remember.  What I do remember was that she was crazy about you.  Not romantically of course, but she always said how smart and funny you were so she was probably excited for us to meet you.

Kylie:  Really?  I kind of blamed myself for getting you all to feminize me by making sexist comments in the lounge the night before we met.

Deanna:  At our school?  If we feminized every guy who said something offensive, we'd run out of dresses fast.

Kylie: So why did you do it?  Especially after the first time.  Amanda came to my room when I was still in one of her dresses and put panties in my drawer.  She told me that this was going on for the forseeable future.

Deanna:  We did it cause it was fun.

Kylie: Did it matter that I didn't want to dress up?

Deanna: I'm sorry to say this, but that really never came up.   I think if anything it made it more fun.

Kylie: Amanda said something like that too.

Deanna:  We did talk about it a few times, but we knew that you were enjoying it.

Kylie:  I didn't realize that for a long time.

Deanna: Seemed pretty obvious.

Kylie: I think you may have been the most humiliating for me of all the girls.

Deanna: Me?  I would have thought you would go with Amanda or Wendy.

Kylie: Nope, you were so pretty.

Deanna: So were they.  Especially Amanda.

Kylie:  Yeah, but you were also a great athlete.  Do you remember sophomore year when you hog tied me and then got ready for a date?

Deanna:  Not really.

Kylie:  You and I were wrestling around.  I don't remember why completely, but I was in my maid's outfit.  You basically kicked my ass and hog tied me.  Then you went in the bedroom and got dressed to go out with Jim.   The next time I saw you, you were in a dress and looking so feminine and I was looking up at you from the floor thinking, "This beautiful girl just kicked my ass."

Deanna: LOL That's actually kind of sweet.

Kylie: It was intimidating.  If you had been a huge dyke it would have been less bad.

Deanna:  Aw, I did love your maid outfits. 

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  1. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you to you and to Deanna for sharing your conversation. She sounds like a very sweet person.

    I think it is interesting how they could see you were enjoying it... I have to say, you certainly had a very rare experience, so in a sense you were very lucky! Many guys dream of it, being surrounded and having the attention of beautiful women, yet who were dominating you at the same time, and in such a fun and “harmless” way!

    It also says something about what a great person you are, Kylie, that you and Deanna can rekindle your friendship after a few years have gone by.

    Thank you for sharing! (As you can tell, I’m a little jealous!)

    Your fan,