Friday, September 26, 2014

Frighening Forced Feminization

I love holidays, so with October 31st fast approaching, I thought that I'd make a Halloween themed story.   Set at a real estate company,  an office Halloween party provides the backdrop for a terrifyingly humiliating night for two salesmen and an evening of pure bliss for the women who feminize them.  This story isn't just a Halloween story, but I think it will be especially appreciated this time of year.  Here's the blurb:

Since taking a job at Merriwell and Associates, Andrea has never felt accepted. It doesn't help that the two other guys in the sales department have alienated the whole office with their boorish behavior and overbearing personalities.

When Andrea discovers that Tracy and Kelly have begun feminizing one of the loudmouthed salesmen, she decides to give the other one the same treatment. Using trickery, seduction, blackmail, bondage, and an old fashioned ass kicking, Andrea forcibly feminizes her coworker just in time for the office Halloween party.

Will the women of the office finally put these two arrogant males in their place or will the salesmen avoid the ultimate Halloween humiliation?

This 8,700 word short story features the feminization and humiliation of two sissies in an office setting. The story contains female domination, forced feminization, humiliation, bondage, forced bisexuality, and an attractive woman thoroughly defeating her male coworker in a fight.

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