Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Why Do Women Enjoy Feminization

 Jenny is rapidly becoming my favorite reader because she has been kind enough to post several times to this blog.  Her last post, asks a very interesting question:

Hi Kylie, I’m still reading “Welcome to College,” and I think it is my favorite feminization story that I’ve ever read! (I’m reading it slowly to savor it!) I imagine that, despite the intense humiliation of much of it, it must have also been wonderful having the attention of so many college girls. I was wondering, what do you think is the motivation for girls who like to feminize guys?

There are a lot of reasons why women like feminization.  There were five women who orchestrated my feminization and about a half dozen more who knew about it.   Their motivations varied.  I believe that some of the girls saw it as feminist payback for a sexist who really deserved it, others I know thought of me as the greatest doll they could ask for.  However, the ringleader was a girl named Amanda who simply delighted in my humiliation.  She loved how powerful she felt when she made me do things that were embarrassing for me and that I would never want to do if she wasn't making me.  Things like putting on a dress, or learning to walk in heels and do my own makeup, or making out with a guy didn't come easy for me, but she loved each little bit more that she was able to break me down and get me to do it.

I think her motivation was very similar to most women who are interested enough in feminization to keep it going long term rather than a one time thing.    When I ask my Oklahoma rodeo friend who I mentioned last week the same question, her answer was short and sweet, she said "the humiliation."  I asked her if it made her feel powerful and she agreed.

I also asked Alyssa Paige who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite feminization and female domination authors what she enjoyed about it.  Her response mirrored Oklahoma's, but expanded nicely:

I think there can be a variety of reasons, from just the fun of it to the power and control it gives. For me I'd say it is the surrendering of control the "victim" gives as he is pushed into things he is reluctant to try or accept about himself. I lean more towards the BDSM side in real life, and for myself it is the freedom that comes with having my needs met first without a care in the world about the other people involved getting off. A little selfish, but what can I say :)

I hope that answers the question for you, Jenny.   I'd love more questions.  It solves the "what to right about?" question for me nicely.


  1. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you - what a great response! This is something I've long wondered about. I'm very grateful, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.

    I just finished "Welcome to College" and it's definitely great! I will be reading another of your books soon.


  2. I'm so glad you liked it. It's probably the story I'm most proud of. The ending kind of gives my thoughts on everything that happened to me. If you're looking for another book of mine, I might recommend Calendar Girl as the one most like Welcome to College.