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A Book 10 years in the making

On August 21, 2005 my first ever feminization story appeared on Fictionmania.  By the time that happened, I was more than a year removed from my college experience and I was already longing for my days of being forcibly feminized.  I also noticed that a lot of forced fem stories were being savaged by negative reviews.   I was a big fan of pulp novels.  To this day I love characters like The Shadow, The Spider, and Doc Savage.  I decided to create a female pulp type hero who punished not murderers, but those who exploit women.  She would do it, not by putting a bullet in them, but by putting a dress and makeup on them.  The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey was born. 

That was my first and only story ever written under the name Nora Page.  As I read it a few weeks back, I realized that I really did enjoy the story.  For a punk kid, I had a pretty good grasp of the pulp writing style and I thought it was a fun read.  There were a ton of typos and other issues, but it was a fun read.  Unfortunately, I never continued it...until now.  I am pleased to announce, that I have completed the first draft of my Jaguar story and will be publishing it this coming weekend.

Sheila Wentworth is an amazing woman.  She's a dynamic business woman with a good head on her shoulders.  However, it is her activities as the Jaguar that are most extraordinary.  A trained physical combatant, a gifted chemist, and a supreme tactician, she avenges women in the guise of The Jaguar;  a woman whose mere calling card can send exploitative bosses, abusive husbands, and vile criminals into a cold terror sweat.  Her secret is only known to her assistant Katsumi who is an expert at several fighting styles including the strange art of kinbaku or Japanese rope bondage. 

This is definitely an over the tops story of feminization as if it existed in a high octane universe like that of The Shadow, James Bond, or Batman.  If you like your feminization stories a little out of the ordinary, I think you'll enjoy it:

The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey
By Nora Page (08/21/05)

 Chapter 1: The Stolen Idea

Jon Adkins paced the front of the boardroom with all the confidence of 
a man on the move. At only 26, Adkins was considered Brunswick's 
fastest rising young executive. Since graduating Yale at 21, he had 
taken the marketing firm by storm and the Board of Directors expected 
very big things from him.

At 5'9" with the lean body of a runner, a youthful face, and a bit of a 
renegade style with hair more befitting a rock concert than Wall 
Street, Jon was named one of the city's 30 Single Men Under 30. As Jon 
gave his presentation he bubbled with the confidence of a man who knew 
his ideas were rock solid. The fact that these ideas had actually 
belonged to his administrative assistant Anne Browning was hardly his 
concern. With his audience eating his presentation up, Jon failed to 
notice the perfectly manufactured hand of Sheila Wentworth reaching her 
hand almost absent-mindedly for his leather bound day planner.

Sheila Wentworth smiled and feigned enthusiasm at Jon's speech, though 
she had heard it all from a tearful Anne the night before. Her pink 
Chanel suit stood out in a sea of men in navy blue and black. She 
tousled her brunette hair resting her chin on her hand. A sea of soft 
curls drifted effortless down her shoulders. Under the table her 
shapely legs stirred, languorously. She resented telling Anne that 
there was nothing she could do. In truth there wasn't. If Anne were to 
find justice, it wouldn't be Sheila who provided it for her.

As Adkins concluded, Jack Pollack led a round of applause for his star 
pupil. Pollack had been CEO of Brunswick Marketing for 8 years now, but 
he had never taken anyone under his wing like he had Jon. Jack beamed 
believing the countless games of golf and the many long nights and 
early mornings at local watering holes had given Jon the business sense 
that Jack had known someday he'd develop.

"There's no doubt in my mind that you've outdone yourself Jon. You're 
the one to go to Florida and make the presentation. Shelia will go with 
to assist you and keep the clients happy," said Pollack

"Oh I'm glad to do it Mister Pollack," Said Sheila as she spied Jon out 
of the corner of her eye. Pollack had picked up his day planner and 
noticed the small white business card slip from its leathery grasp. 
Picking up the card, Jon's ashen face stared at the simple card with 
the jaguar stamped in pink on it his eyes open in terror. He had heard 
the stories before and he knew that card meant doom for any man who 
fate had cursed to receive it. 

"Anything the matter, Jon?" smiled Sheila, but Jon simply shook his 
head before collecting his thoughts. He was no longer Jon Adkins, 
successful businessman. He was now simply prey... Prey for the Jaguar.

As the meeting ended Jon had scarcely said a word. He wiped a few beads 
of sweat from his brow and loosened his tie. Sheila knew the unnerving 
affect that card was having on him. The Jaguar's reputation had grown 
considerably in the last 8 years. Had it really been 8 years since she 
first donned that silly hat and scarf to teach a couple of fraternity 
boys a lesson? She smiled at Jon as she left the room and made small 
talk to the men as she walked to her office. Her faithful assistant 
Katzumi was already waiting for her as Sheila hastily closed the door 
to her office.

Katzumi was a beautiful Korean-American woman of 24 years old. She had 
been with Sheila for 4 years now and in addition to being a terrific 
secretary, Katzumi was a black belt in both Tae Kwon-Do and Aikido. 
Sheila treated her more like a trusted friend than an employee and 
Katzumi was very devoted to her. Despite being only 5'2" Katzumi could 
subdue most any man and her martial arts training had been very useful 
to Sheila in her mission as The Jaguar.

"How did it go? Did you give him the card?" asked Katzumi.

"I thought he was going to wet his pants," laughed Sheila, "He knows 
the Jaguar is stalking him now and he's scared to death."

"He should be. If he knew what was in store for him, he would have wet 
his pants," replied Katzumi more seriously than joking.

"I want to make the snatch at the airport in 2 days. He's getting down 
there 2 days early to take advantage of the nightlife. We will make 
sure he gets plenty of it," smiled Sheila as she sunk into her leather 

 Chapter 2: The Airport Capture

Katzumi had parked the car very close to the rental agency and waited 
for Adkins to come. In the passenger seat of the Jaguar XK8 Coupe, 
Sheila was glamming up her makeup. She was wearing a very sexy off the 
shoulder black dress that showed off her every curve. Even with the 
black floppy hat pulled down and the sunglasses and scarf concealing 
her facial features, she was any man's dream.

Before Katzumi even spotted Adkins walking to his rental car, The 
Jaguar was out of her seat like an Olympic sprinter out of the blocks. 
She crept along using the rows of rental cars to conceal herself from 
Adkins' view. As the cocky young businessman stuck his key in the door 
to his red rental Toyota Corolla, The Jaguar was upon him. She lunged 
with her right arm and put it around Adkin's neck in a painful aikido 
chokehold, which reduced his once powerful voice to only the softest of 

"Hey Jonny boy, did you get my card?" taunted the Jaguar in a well-
practiced husky voice that sounded more like Kathleen Turner or Lauren 
Bacall then Sheila Wentworth.

"Y-you're the Jaguar," said Adkins taking all his strength to force out 
those few syllables.

"That's right Jon. It's not very nice to steal other people's ideas," 
said The Jaguar as she reached forward and applied what to a bystander 
would appear to be clear lip gloss to Jon's mouth. In fact, The Jaguar 
had applied a surgical epoxy that would almost instantly force Jon's 
lips together until a special solvent could be applied. With Jon 
effectively silenced, she maneuvered him to the passenger side of the 
car and pushed him into the passenger seat. Taking her scarf, The 
Jaguar quickly and securely lashed Jon's wrists behind the passenger 
seat and put a pair of sunglasses on Jon's face, which had been painted 
black on the inside. As she slapped the seatbelt around his torso, for 
all practical purposes, Jon was now mute, blind, and paralyzed. 

Sheila laughed heartily as she left the airport. Nobody looking in the 
car would ever guess one of its occupants had been so restrained. Jon 
whimpered. If what he had heard about The Jaguar was true, he faced 
humiliation, torture, and possibly worse. Katzumi followed closely 
behind Jon and Sheila, but felt relatively sure they would have no 
trouble on their way to the cottage she had rented for Jon's 
transformation. She was sure that the size 8 backless black dress in 
the back of the car would be a hit with the clients.

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