Wednesday, June 3, 2015

32 Flavors Part 5

Part 5

Unfortunately for Kevin, with his head looking at his feet he was completely unaware of the back door to the club opening as Tina slipped into the alleyway.
She raised a finger to her mouth with a wink, and the two skater boys were happy to play along.  They weren’t sure what kind of game they stumbled into, but Tina’s stunning looks ensured their cooperation.
“C’mon man, kick the pants over,” the red head yelled.  “We don’t got all day man.”
“Ok, ok, here,” Kevin sighed as he kicked loose his pink gym pants.
“Alright now the cash dude,” the blonde skater said. 
“What, I don’t have his clothes yet!”
The red head scoffed.  “Yeah like I’m gonna strip down without it.  For all I know when I’m naked you’re gonna try and sex me up or something.  Cash first or you can piss off.”
Kevin blushed furiously and stuck out his hand with the $200 in it. 
“Thanks dude,” the red head said as he snatched the money.  “Peace!”
The two skateboarders turned and booked it down the alley.  Kevin tried to give pace, but after a few steps stopped.  He was clad in only a lacey thong and hot pink sneakers now.  With his hair and makeup done.  He couldn’t give chase, and what was even worse was the punks took what little clothing he had!
“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck,” Kevin said as he brought his hands to his head in defeat.  He was so focused on the boys skating out of sight he didn’t notice Tina as she crept up behind him.  “Ooompf!” he grunted as his balls exploded in pain.  He looked down to see a feminine shoe retreat back between his legs as he collapsed to the ground.
“What the fuck, I thought you wanted to go on a date with me.  This is how you’re gonna act, trying to ditch me at the club?”  Tina said with her hands on her hips as she towered over the prone young man.  She picked up his phone and scoffed.  “You dumbass.  Check your outgoing emails.”
Kevin weakly grabbed the phone and looked in his sent folder.  Ever picture she took was sent to an address abbreviated as “TinaCream99”.  He groaned in defeat and pain as he clutched his wounded jewels.
“You’re going to be buying me new clothes for starters, giving away my shit like that.  C’mon, how dare you.  I lent that to you because you had nothing else to wear and that is how you repay me?  Total bull.”  She knelt down beside him and smashed her large tits together.  “I thought you liked me.”
As she placed one hand on Kevin’s bare thigh he sputtered.  “I… I just.”
“Well, we were going to have a good time tonight.  Who knows what you would have gotten if you were a good sport and showed me you could have fun.  Now… now I’m afraid I gotta stick to my word and punish you.”
Kevin looked paniced.  “Pu… punish?  But… but…”
“No buts, now get up,” she said as she pulled him by the wrist upwards.  She smacked his bare ass and directed him towards the entrance to the club.
“Oh god, I can’t… I can’t go back in just wearing this,” he said, motioning to the lacy thong. 
“Sure you can, besides… it’ll make your punishment that much more fun.  Of course, if you prefer I can just send out copies of the pictures of you to your reporter friend.”
“Oh no, please no.  I’ll…. I’ll go inside.”
“Good girl,” Tina said as she reached down and squeezed his ass.  “It’ll be fun, don’t worry.”

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